Tuesday, 19 June 2012

19 Juneathon A real day.

Running. There is nothing simpler. Today I took my lunch break and went for a 50 min run around the beautiful woods and park near my office.  I ran 500 meter intervals and managed to carry a 5 min/km pace, which pleased me. Then I sucked wind for two minutes, recovered and did it again.

Swimming. There is nothing more complicated. I went to practice tonight and had moments of glide and many more moments of sink, off balance, torqued, snorting water. I forgot my swim cap so ate hair all night.  There were two "open water" exercises in the line up tonight. A 12 min continuous swim, followed by 100 m laps, then a 10 min continuous swim. Hanging on the wall between laps covers most of my sins.  I suffered through some wicked foot cramps but kept going.  I even picked up a hair band from the bottom of the pool to tie my hair back. (gross I know).

Climbing. There is nothing more frightening.  After swimming I booked a trip in August to summit the Grand Teton for me and my older son. Quads, the gal said, you'll need quads. Got 'em.  And a wee bit of courage.


  1. Fantastic! I LOVE swimming in open water. One of the best (one of the only) stag do s I've been on was simply camping next to a lake. Loved it. Not that I'm any good mind you. But yay for running - inherently less chance of snorting dirty water.

    1. I'm with you. I love open water swimming. Must remember to take my wetsuit on my trip this summer. Plenty of lakes there!

  2. Less gross and more enterprising. The chlorine will have taken care of any ick.

  3. Grand Teton - you rock! How do you manage to combine all work and training and family life... anyway, good for you!

  4. Funny you should say that. One of my friends always says: "I will sleep once I am dead.!"


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