Monday, 25 June 2012

25 juneathon

so with the two sprint's done, I'm in count-down-til vacation and international travel mode.  Making lists, thinking of things that should be on the list, adding them. doing them. adding more. suddenly changing directions to go put something on my list.

 I use Astrid on my phone. She talks back and praises me for completing stuff, nags me until I Snooze it and acts all disappointed when I slack. This takes the pressure off me to react to myself in these ways.

going away for a couple weeks makes me begin to miss the dunes when I walk with Odie in the evening.  (Juneathon score - dog walk & bike commute = 60 minutes).

these are unfortunately quite washed out examples of the flowers. washed out because of the fading light at 10:15 PM.

Now that the races are done, I am turning my sites on the climb (wyoming) and the climbs (limburg). for both, I will have an easier time if there is less of my hind quarters to haul up and over. So that means watching what i eat.

So back to SCD.  Fat or fit? My choice.  So here's to the Wednesday Challenge. My next cheat day will be in the US.



  1. Sounds like you are all set for the summer. Don't worry, the dunes will still be there when you are back. I will be running in them. Good trip!

  2. What are the websites for the 2 climbs you are doing? That sounds exciting.SCD sounds like practical healthy eating without gimmicks. The next fad diet needs to be called “Eat Healthy and Not Too Much”. So many of these diets have negative side effects and are just not sustainable. Keep it up!

    1. I added links to Exum mountain guides in Wyoming, and the cycling tour in Limburg in connection with the European cycling championships. I'm riding 170km.


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