Wednesday, 27 June 2012

27 juneathon running long

if you like to run long like i do, you naturally plan ahead. so at the end of june, I'm thinking of october runs and wondering about another half marathon or longer trail run. it's delightful to think of fall running even before summer has started. likely it won't get hot here until i get on the plane. then I'll come home and everyone will tell me that I missed the best weather. But I know the  real best weather is running in the cool of the fall.

i met a  couple of fast runners today, both of whom invited me out for a run. maybe I can keep up and maybe they'll enjoy running with me at least once. this one speedster runs a marathon every year and she's going to take Odie out running while were away and keep him happy.  we agreed that the day just doesn't go right if we miss a run.  the other gal is looking for places to run and races. these things I know.

running gives me the gift of friendship.

a short 15 weeks brings us into the middle of october. so if i want a fall half marathon or more, it's nearly time to start plotting my success. coool.

oh, juneathon = 1 hr bike riding and dog walkies.

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