Saturday, 16 June 2012

15-16 Juneathon

I have freed myself from being held hostage by my to-do list.  Yesterday I struck off several major items as DONE. I've rested meanwhile, apart from walking the dog up the "hill" - the only one around.

And hosted guests from out-of-town. And eaten. And packed my race kit for tomorrow.

Most importantly, I cleaned my bike chain. I think to rack your bike at a triathlon, you need a clean chain. Forget about lace locks. It's looks that matter.

I don't race with the blue wheel. That's the TACX indoor trainer wheel, but I cleaned it too.  Mostly because my chain was so dirty that I contaminated the wheel.

I went food shopping today and did not buy anything orange. Not even orange sweet peppers.  And I missed out on fresh sardines by mere seconds.

Yesterday I spent wrestling with a young MacBook that has determined to fail. It's sad - it held such promise [and so much data].  The next lesson in computing for our household will be about back-ups and why they're important.  Oh, maybe I don't need to lecture on this point.

So official Juneathon streak continues. My rule is do something every day. So walks for the last couple days. Tomorrow a little sprint.

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