Sunday, 24 June 2012

23 juneathon Stein Sprint Tri (and 24 catchup)

Billed as the Dutch mountain challenge, I expected a little more elevation change in the course.
However, it was "false flat", meaning some small climbs. More important were bike handling skills like cornering and staying upright on cobblestone. I had a lot of fun, as usual.  One thing about using the TACX is I don't improve my cornering skills, which are rudimentary at best.

My swim time (19:52) was better than last week's race, as was my run (30:43). Although the Groningen race didn't time transitions. So it's a little difficult to compare times. And of course, with the mountains, you can't really compare the courses anyway.

52 (T1) 00:03:0753(bike) 00:54:3352(after bike) 01:17:3152(T2) 00:04:0051(run) 00:30:4350(total) 01:52:13(dif) 39:11

(total 1:52) (39 min after the winner)

I found my stroke rhythm in the water faster than last week. And I wasn't last out of the water. I tried drafting on my teammate's feet, but I kept bumping them and it was a little strange to have to slow down. But I couldn't swim fast enough to pass her.  My transitions could be a lot faster.  I rather like the leisurely break though.

I rode and ran last, but there were two DNF's so I wasn't last. Which pleases me.  It's the doing that counts, not the winning.

Riding last with my motorcycle escort gave me a mental choice. Rather than busting myself for riding last, I revelled in the experience. I pretended I was in first place, riding alone. I was so happy to be riding in the sunshine in the countryside around this beautiful Dutch village, near the Belgian border. Life is good.

The event was well-staffed. The course was marked and volunteers were at every turn point. Well, except for the part of the path that went into what was marked as a dead-end, then past the church with a no-entry sign. I doubled back on the first lap since I thought I had missed a turn. But I saw a sponge on the ground from the aid table, and then another runner approached. So I knew which way to go.

I stuck to a nice even pace and banished the thoughts of quitting. I got a lot of energy from the crowds.

Sprint distance is too short and doesn't serve my lack-of-speed-diesel engine. At the end of the race I felt like I still could ride another 100 km. I will have to think about how to get faster on the bike.  I averaged about 28 km/hr. Not bad, but I got lapped by really fast girls.

Today the half-distance tri was held. In the rain. Respect. Twitter reports a lot of sliding on the bike. I can only imagine.  Thankfully.

Today, Odie and I slogged through 5.5 km in the rain, then I saw the message from my friend who wanted to run later than our usual start. So we went out again for a short 3 km interrupted by apple cake and bacon ginger pancakes.

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