Sunday, 17 June 2012

17 juneathon - R A C E

I love suffering from Adult Onset Athletics. Today I had the pleasure of racing with the elite of Dutch triathlon at the national championships, and thank goodness they all beat me. Well, except for my teammate who dropped out during the bike [and another gal who missed a timing strip, and the several who DNS'd].   I finished last, with pride.   While I went around the course in last or near last, I didn't finish last. That's because I didn't quit.  I had the strength to keep my eye on the prize - a wonderful day - and kept moving forward.  At 48, and a relative new comer to the sport, I consistently remind myself to enjoy the day and admire the high level of competition (and beautiful bodies) (wow!).

This was a sprint triathlon. I swam 750 meters. Actually I probably swam further since I cannot swim in a straight line unless there are lines painted on the pool floor and lane dividers.  The water was very cold with no visibility. Just as well. I have been in the pool once this year, and once in my wetsuit for several minutes in the North Sea.  Shame on me.  I muscled through it.

Next, five rounds on the bike for 20 km.  I had moments of speed and moments of utter silliness. Like when I turned too soon - after the second round - towards the transition zone.  I was kindly instructed to keep going.

I need to read the race instructions more carefully. I noticed well into the race there were packs of riders drafting.  Yes, this was a draft legal race.  When I sat in with a group, I was promptly instructed by one of the jurors that you can only draft with people in the same round as you. Well, I was riding last. Too bad for me.  Having to remove my aerobars at the bike inspection should have been my first clue.  Mine are such that they resemble spears.   I coped.

Last was a cute little five km run.  After the first lap (of five) I followed the person in front of me straight to the finish line. I was a little confused to run into a pen. Looking at my watch I realised something was seriously wrong. total distance, 21 km. (I was running my watch continually from the start of the bike.)  ha ha ha. The same volunteer who helped me out of my bike mistake started laughing and told me I had just made the same mistake again. He gave me a big hug and sent me back out the course to keep going. That sucked.  I gave up about 30 seconds to a woman I could have (and almost) caught. I held a comfortable pace and I think I ran in about 32 minutes.  The results will be up later.  I managed to completely forget to turn off my watch at the finish. So the last lap includes 90 km an hour when we zipped off in the car.

Today was a simply enjoyable day.  To my further delight, I saw (and spoke to) people I know - even thought the race was 2 1/2 hours away.

Nutrition - fine. Ate a good breakfast (bacon and eggs), a ham sandwich en route, lots of water, a bottle of gatorade pre race and about half a bottle during the race. I didn't have much of an appetite, and the race was too short to be overly concerned with nutrition. Maybe some gel would have been good. But I forgot to bring it with me on the bike and elected not to take one on the run. The weather was overcast, partly sunny, kinda cool, and definitely windy. I took the time to put on my riding coat since I was cold coming out the water. But I didn't need it. Next time, be cold.

no over 45 category!
after bike



  1. Congrats! Look at all of these visitors


    logging in to see your report! You are known worldwide, and famous in your own head.


  2. That's a great report. I was wondering how you managed to do 89.9 km/h on the bike or run (from RunningFree) ;-)


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