Thursday, 18 February 2010

action plan? he he he

  1. think about training plans.
  2. review the Fink book - no go, since it's only for full IM distance. Will use it as a reference guide since it's full of great ideas.
  3. decide to go out for a run.
  4. make a cup of coffee first and sit down at the computer, which is free for the moment.
  5. Decide to refresh my memory about podcasting since I might like to do one about the "middle distance tri."
  6. test the microphone jack. yup. it's broken.
  7. surf the web for a book Judy recommended by Matt Fitzgerald
  8. Find his site, look at exercises.
  9. find lots of training plans on a training site I like.  Boy are they expensive. Realise I don't know what I want yet.
  10. Stop looking at plans after I remember I wanted to join the local tri club first before deciding on a plan.
  11. decide to contact the local triathlon club & inquire about joining up to train. Can't remember their website name.
  12. search for the club's website via the race in January.
  13. Find the race site and notice they've posted the new youtube video of the race.
  14. watch it, add a link to two blogs.
  15. Find a  link to the newspaper article about the race - read the article, especially the part quoting me. Translate the Dutch to see what I said. Ha ha.
  16. wander back to the Google search results showing there's a POSE running coach in my home town who also ran the race. Nice - she's my age.
  17. contact the local POSE running coach & inquire about learning better form.
  18. realise I had decided to go out for a run.
  19. write this list.
  20. Dog, who had been waiting for me to dress for the run, walks off to sleep on the coach.
  21. go change into my running clothes before it gets dark.... see ya!

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

70.3 in 10

I just registered for the blistered-skin or something like that Half-Iron distance triathlon in Isle of Portland in the UK.

This is a dream come true for me, thanks to my friend Judy's fine race selection. In the fall of 2009 I had been puttering about the Ironman Europe race calendars but hadn't found one that matched my needs for 2010. And Judy, being true to her deepest desires, found this grand race and I caught her excitement.  Here it is:
Bustinskin Middle Distance Triathlon – Weymouth and Portland National Sailing Academy. Covering plenty of the scenic Dorset Countryside, 1.2m swim, 55m bike and 13.1m run. (26th Sept).  That little m following the numbers? That's miles. The scenery looks simply gorgeous, and I am positively thrilled by the idea of race officials who speak the same language as I do - albeit most folks think Americans stopped speaking English 200 years ago.

Unfortunately, we'll be a week too late for these offerings that caught my eye.

“Men in Pants” Fundraising Walk along Weymouth Esplanade raising money and awareness for Orchid Cancer Trust.   I support men wearing pants. It's a good thing.

Royal Naval Association new standard dedication – Service to take place at Nothe Fort, Parade of Standard along Weymouth Esplanade.  I do believe this means they're raising a new flag.

All kidding aside, I have loads of the best kind of work in front of me. PLAY! The event is far enough in the future that I can get serious about improving my swimming, and September is the perfect month to finish a strong season of sport.

I plan to warm up with the Oly Tri in Amsterdam in June and maybe the beach challenge in my home town in August.   Time to start making lists!  I like being slightly frightened by my goals and dreams. There's a rush of excitement before you regain your senses.   I registered for the race and made hotel reservations before I could change my mind.   Now I'm reviewing training plans and thinking about next week's ski trip and April's marathon. And my knee is feeling better. 

Yesterday, easy jog for 30 minutes, 3k at ZERO degrees. Gotta love winter.  My right knee feels fine this morning. No shag carpet scraping sounds.

Sunday, 14 February 2010

Valentines Day Fun

Walking the Knee: 90 minutes in the snow with my son & dog looking at everything beautiful surrounding us. 4.4k, including looking at the frozen lake (above)
Commando "joint lubrication" 30 minutes of warm up & cool down movements  (knees, back, shoulders, elbows)
Yoga: 20 minutes sun salutations
Interval Rowing: 20 minute warm-up; 6x3:00:2:00. My times improved a lot since last year.
Totals: 3726 Ave pace 2:24.9 stroke 27
(rest 974)
1. 2:30.2 599m 25 (150/135) (heart rate at interval finish & one minute recovery)
2. 2:24.9 621 25 (170/141)
3. 2:23.7 626 24 (173/142)
4. 2:23.0 629 28 (176/144) (increase pace at last minute)
5. 2:23.5 627 30 (182/138) (increase pace at last minute)
6. 2:24.9 621 31 (182/144) (increase pace at last minute & at 30 seconds)

12/08: total 3585 m 2:30.6   

Right knee is a little sore after rowing. Left shoulder was painful during joint rotations.
I've recommitted to slimming down and getting stronger so I can do a Half IM in September.  Let's do it.

12 steps for getting started with Paleo Nutrition

I like Dr Kurt Harris' no-nonsense approach to nutrition. He suggests to avoid justifying our choices based on pseuodo-science assumptions as to what early humans must have eaten, since it's so clear what they Didn't Eat.  When I compare these ideas to typical instructions on how to lose weight, I have to admit I am totally confused.  I look at one book that says low-fat milk over a small serving of Special K is a perfect breakfast. Other folks say bacon and eggs is the way to go.  
Because of my own blood chemistry and my own reactions to pancakes, maple syrup, orange juice, etc., I want to give this plan a serious try.  The science behind avoiding diabetes seems to be to be quite sound.  Most diet books lack any scientific reasoning.  
My own experience matters a lot.  When I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes, the hospital nutritionist recommended bagels for breakfast since I was having trouble keeping food down. I stayed off insulin by eating ham and grapefruit, and no grains (pasta, rice, etc.). I was lucky to have an OBGYN who had recommended The Zone diet to me. When I started following the diet, I saw my face change. I lost that puffy look - I looked healthier and the hollows of my cheeks reappeared.  Dr Harris posted an anecdote about recovery from diabetes.  Here are his suggestions for getting started.
Eliminate sugar (including fruit juices and sports drinks) and all flour 
2 Start eating proper fats - Use healthy animal fats to substitute fat calories for carb calories. Drink whole cream or half and half instead of milk.
3 Eliminate grains
4 Eliminate grain and seed derived oils (cooking oils) Cook with butter, animal fats, or coconut oil.
5 Get daily midday sun or take 4-8000 iu vit D daily
6 Intermittent fasting and infrequent meals (2 meals a day is best)
7 Fruit is just a candy bar from a tree. Stick with berries and avoid watermelon which is pure fructose. Eat in moderation.
8 Eliminate legumes
9 Adjust your 6s and 3s. Pastured (grass fed) dairy and grass fed beef or bison avoids excess O-6 fatty acids and are better than supplementing with 0-3 supplements.
10 Proper exercise - emphasizing resistance and interval training over long aerobic sessions
11 Eliminate milk (if you are sensitive to it, move this up the list)
12 Eliminate other dairy including cheese- (now you are "orthodox paleolithic")

Saturday, 13 February 2010

More on Paleo Nutrition & grouse

I have been feeling very blue lately and figured that maybe VLC was to blame for low serotonin. Maybe it is slacking on my exercise in the winter darkness.  Or working some very long hours in January and February.  Regardless, I have been eating more carbs this week, and I feel a little better, particularly with some major deadlines behind me. But still worried that it's not the right direction. Grabbing m&m's by the handful just isn't a long-term solution.  Nor is snacking on the pastries at work, which call to me when I'm in the right mood.

But I am still (1) wanting to lighten up (mood & body fat); (2) maintain good health and avoid the  shark swimming in my gene pool, Type II diabetes.
The PaNu blog I like included a link to this new forum, PaleoHacks. I thought I'd share (and mostly keep track of it for myself by putting it into a post).  I will start writing down my food again and keeping good records.

My legs are wanting to go for a run. My knee is crunchy & coach says walk. I stretched today and did some bending exercises to lubricate the joint. Standing in the kitchen made me "aware" of my knee. It didn't hurt. But it felt a little swollen or puffy or something. So I am taking the nastiest supplement of collagen derivative, gelatin and glucosamine, plus highly refined fish oil.    And trying to figure out how many slacking bad habits I can repent.

The slack started when at the beginning of this year, I felt like I had reached my #1 and ONLY goal for 2009 (regain my fitness and lose weight) and I should now deal with finances and other aspects of my life.  My brain took that as "Instead" of health, not In Addition to health.  When the weather turned icy, I stopped riding my bike to work and started skipping mid-week runs.  And after Odie bit me I started asking my son to walk him in the evenings.  Now I have a crunchy knee.

I have bigger plans in my life than being sidelined due to a crunchy knee.  I found a goofy body weight training program that is so silly I won't name it. But it looks like a good program, even though I am a sucker for the Point-N-Click Download it now.  Looking at the materials, I keep thinking, I could do this.  So I will be sure to take before-n-after photos so I can create a cash-cow someday a la 4HWW.   Or maybe this guy has a better idea about work.

Even better, what to do with your unique talents and why I like what I do for a living. It's not work, it's a calling. So here's the plan. Do the PaNu 12 steps. Take Notes. Post here.  Live big. Start my new body weight exercise mission.  And take the dog for a long therapeutic walk tomorrow. And maybe run a tiny bit?  I'll check with the knee first.

Friday, 12 February 2010

knees and other useful objects

my planned 38k for this weekend is a bust. My right kneecap is dry and crunchy, and my coach says WALK, don't run for a week. An hour this weekend and 30 minutes Tuesday and Thursday. The goal is to stay below irritation level and prevent this from becoming an injury. He thinks the lunges at the gym stressed my knee. My money's on the skipping rope.... Anyway. I see more yoga in my future. Rowing yesterday felt great, and I'm pain free. My knee just makes a funny sound when I climb stairs. Not the ha ha funny, I'm sure you understand! The other suggestion from my research is to strengthen my quads to match my fabulous hammies and to stretch.....

If you're interested in more information & what I'm trying to avoid  read here.
There's also a lot of exercises suggested on Runners World.

I'm rather proud to be a middle-aged athlete, regardless.

And of course, the always chock-ful of tidbits you never expected: Youtube.