Wednesday, 6 June 2012

6 juneathon - rest and ride

tri plan says rest. good enough. except I use my bike to get around town. so at least two hours of cycling. Tomorrow is the memorial service in the cathedral in Gouda. I expect it will undo me.  I plan to get up early and have a good run with Odie first. That will help as much as anything. 

I gave a Uni lecture on sustainable development. Getting the students to discuss issues is like opening cherry stone clams. I showed a bunch of film clips from Youtube (playlist link) and then part of a documentary on environmental issues in China made by a Dutch film maker - it was very cool.

I biked over to his house this morning to pick up a copy of the film (Rainmakers). It indeed rained heavily on me. I wanted to take the car but felt guilty about driving to pick up a film on environmental activism.

Anyway. I enjoyed a cappuccino at the shop by the train station afterwards.

Whipped up dinner and got ready to go to my Dutch class. When ....

My boy commented that the ice cream he just took out of the deep freezer was rather soft.  Thank goodness for his ice cream habit. Else we'd be tossing rotten food next week. He did not want to inspect the plug because a spider was in the way.  I cleared the cob and put the plug in another outlet. I haven't figured out the fault, but the freezer light went back on.  I made it to class on time. Prima.


  1. Ew - totally with him on not wanting to go near a spider - clever boy, have you not seen Arachnophobia - they are all deadly maneaters...

  2. Thinking of you today. I hope all goes as well as these things can.

  3. You are in my heart today. <3


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