Monday, 18 June 2012

18 juneathon R E P E A T

Next Saturday I am racing again, this time in Stein.  Also a sprint distance. My miserable aptitude for following Sunday's course has made me read the course instructions and study the maps today - in advance. Go me!

Today was another visit to the PT - not as painful as last week. My foot/calf hurt before the race yesterday, but not during it.

I need to decide whether to put my aerobars back on. I like riding with them. I will need to pour over the race instructions in Dutch.  That probably counts for my Dutch homework, but I'm pretty sure all this nifty vocabulary won't be on Wednesday's exam.

Today's Juneathon was a dog walk. Plus getting my teeth cleaned and enduring the fluoride treatment. I know, it's not exactly running. But having that awful stuff in my mouth counts as an Endurance Event.

life in the hague. mind your step.

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