Monday, 31 January 2011

31 January The Finish Line & the Starting Line

Well, it's been a fun run with you all this month. I'm totally impressed by the dedication of my fellow runners and athletes of all sorts.

I had planned to ride for an hour this evening, but the software for the trainer had other ideas. I gave up in frustration and pulled on my running tights and shoes. I gave up looking for my heart rate strap.

My dog was glad for the company and we trotted out into the cold for a short 20 minutes of walking & jogging. I gave up waiting for my watch to find the satellites. I find the pleasure in the activity is in the doing, not the recording of it. So, I just enjoyed being outside, feeling how tired I feel and letting go of the day.

I didn't feel particularly like running, since I did a nice 10k yesterday. And my right knee is a little cranky. I barked it on a grip while climbing yesterday, and anyway, my knees and I have a deal. I don't run two days in a row, and they don't complain about my running. But I did run enough of the 20 minutes to feel like I ended Janathon honorably!  I hope our running & blogging paths cross again.  I really appreciate all the supportive comments I received, and I hope I offered as much support in return.  Unfortunately, I couldn't figure out how to reply to comments on the Blogger format.

I hope we'll keep in touch. I usually use this blog for race reports and exciting things I've learned or want to share.  I'm planning an exciting triathlon season this year, and hoping to continue to increase my fitness and sport confidence. I just made up that idea, but you know what I mean, I hope.

So long, and thanks for all the fish.

Sunday, 30 January 2011

30 Jan.

Odie and I enjoyed a nice 10 km run today. The temperature was below freezing, but the sun came out a couple times. Suddenly it would brighten and shadows would form.

Since we were in the dunes in the middle of the day, I kept Odie on his leash.  There were took many other people on the pathways, and I didn't want him to be a nuisance or to slow me down.  I ran the second half at a slightly faster pace. Total time was 80 minutes.  I kept it slow to try to keep my heart rate lower, but gave up and just ran at a comfortable pace.

In the late afternoon, we went to climb. I really had fun. My boys each invited a friend. That cut down my climb time unfortunately because our guests couldn't belay. After warming up, I tried an easy route and climbed as fast as I could.  I tried one with an overhang, but couldn't get a grip on one spot and needed chalk for my sweaty hands. No chalk, so I left it for another day.

I was more successful with another route. It took some effort to figure out, and I just had to sit there looking around until I saw the solution. Plus some muscle and some changes to hand holds that made me afraid I was going to fall.  Today I had some vertigo when coming down. That felt uncomfortable. I wonder if it could be related to swimming on Friday - water in my ears.

I cooked up some duck for dinner, and had some chicken liver for an appetizer. My younger son loved the liver -with ketchup, of course, and then asked if we had any pickled herring. We did, and he promptly polished off the whole jar of rolmops, which are pickled herring filets wrapped around a slice of pickle and onion.  He said he liked stuffing them into mouth whole to intensify the flavor. You know, he explained, you get more juice that way. I never thought of it that way.  And he ate a whole duck leg with dinner too.

One more day in january!

Saturday, 29 January 2011

29 Jan. Saturday

I selected my first A race of the 2011 triathlon season.  Antwerp 70.3 on Sunday, 24 July.
I'm very excited about this race. I'm planning a second half iron race in September.  Either provence or koln. I have to look at my family, budget, and work schedule before deciding.

Today was a restful day. I got teased by my son this morning for reading a tri training book with my breakfast.

Exercise today: dog walk under an ice blue sky.

Best of all, my boys will be running with me on 13 March. Small guy 2.5 km, bigger guy 5 km.  Me, half-marathon.

28 Jan

fabulous training day today. I worked only a half day, so indulged myself with a long session at the gym until I was completely spent. And then some time in the sauna. a couple hours later, I rode for an hour on the indoor trainer, which was really nice. then a surprisingly intense swim practice that included a 100m timed test and several long sets (500m non-stop, for instance).

Now I am whipped! Will sleep well I hope.

All I've done today is eat sweet potatoes after training. I need to catch up on my food logging.

Thursday, 27 January 2011

27 Jan. if it's not one thing, it's another

so, it's not raining today. Clear blue sky all day. Sunny. I went out for a run this evening after supper and nearly froze my nose off. Just enough wind to make it wickedly cold. So I ran 30 rather than 40 minutes, and that was enough. I walked intermittently to keep my heart rate down. That made the temp feel even cooler. Wow.

Also, bike commute today. And sore abs from yesterday. A nice reminder of a fun workout. Hope you're enjoying the dwindling days and nights of Janathon. This has been so much fun!

The other thing that has been rather nice about January is success in losing weight. I'm down nearly five lbs this month, right on schedule. You'll have to come back on 31 Jan. to see the official number for the month!

Exercises to Increase Climbing Strength

Culling ideas from the internet.   Starting with  wiki how and  livestrong 

Pull-ups to work hands, arms, shoulders. Increase grip strength

Dead Hangs: grab a pull up bar and hang off the ground for as long as you can. 

Speed climbing on a moderate route that I can climb easily and without stopping. Teach muscle memory.

Train with variety.

Climb regularly. 

Increase your strength. Climbing depends on both strength and technique

  • Arms: Improve your grip by doing exercises that will strengthen the arms and wrist/forearm region. Use a squeeze ball regularly to strengthen the wrist and hand region; lift small weights frontwards and sideways to improve overall arm strength. Try static hangs on a bar to increase your capacity to do static hangs while climbing. Better to discover on the low bar than a high wall that you can't do this!
  • Shoulders and upper back: Having this area of your body be strong is an important part of being a great rock climber. These muscle groups will help you lock off on holds as you reach for the next one on steeper terrain. Pull-up exercises, exercise elastics, weights and simple arm rotations are all ideal strengthening exercises for shoulders. As you become stronger, look into more sport-specific training exercises like hang boards, campus boards, and system boards.
  • Midsection (or "core"): This is a vital link in the climbing movement chain. Without strong abdominal and lower back muscles, your legs cannot communicate the force they are producing effectively to your arms, and vice versa. The main key here is producing a flexible and stable core. This may be hard to produce, but get creative! Hanging leg raises, dumbbell side bends, and back bridges are all great exercises to strengthen these muscles in a way that is useful for climbing.
  • Legs: Legs do more work climbing than some give them credit for, mostly by putting us in a body position to better use the holds available. Don't overdo the leg exercises, just ensure that they are flexible and strong. A focus on single-leg strength is encouraged, like lunges, one-legged squats, etc.
  • Watch your growth. With all these exercises, don't go overboard and develop bodybuilder-sized muscles. Climbers don't need the extra weight; climbers need strength and flexibility. Your exercise routine should be regular and short in duration; enough to build strength only. Focus on using enough load that you can do only 8 reps or less of any exercise you choose. Ultimately, for the beginning and intermediate climber, the best physical conditioning for climbing IS CLIMBING
  8 foot bubble: The only things that matter while climbing almost always reside within a 8 ft radius of you. Everything else (outside noise, the climber next to you, work troubles) won't help you climb, so just forget them for the time you are on a route.

Keep your weight over your feet.
Use the rests when you find them.

more here from Indoor climbing.
Hanging side crunch/twist

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

26 Jan. Wednesday

Janathon is winding up. I'm exhausted. At the beginning of the month I visited a lot of blogs and commented. Now I can barely keep my own up to date.  Swimming finishes at 10:45, and it's a bit of a drive home, even if I don't get lost, which I usually do, or at least I take yet another creative route home. So I deny that I get lost.  But I was awake until 1:30 a.m.  I received a kind suggestion that it would be easier to fall asleep if I weren't sitting in front of the computer.  But that's when I was catching up on janathoners' wonderful adventures, interesting, funny tales, and inspiring efforts.   I looked at the group tables on Running Free. Holy crap. where do you people find the time!

Today, bike ride and sweaty tough core workout at the gym. I think I managed to work the painful knot out of my trapezius.  I'll know better on Friday's swim.   Being a little neurotic, I can't decide between going out for a run and going to bed. I have to walk the dog, and it's not raining. So, so. So. I'll decide in a minute and tell you tomorrow.

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

25 Jan. Tuesday

Today was quite busy, and more to go. Thirty minute walk this evening. Forgot that my french class resumed  this evening, so I had to rearrange my training plans.

Enjoyed an hour lap swim.  Made two 25 meter laps completely under water. And had fun with some sprints too. Got nice feedback from my coach and some useful criticism to help me swim more efficiently. 

I like the empty mind of swimming where everything settles and I focus on gliding and stretching, and trying to link one perfect stroke to the next.

Monday, 24 January 2011

24 Jan Monday

I felt pretty good after Sunday's race. Two 20 minute bike rides and a long dog walk.  Total about an hour.

Sunday, 23 January 2011

23 Jan. Puinduin Race Report

The Puinduin is an intimate, informal race of 400 runners held in Kijkduin.  Three laps of 3.5 km each, up and down stairs and through horse trails in the park. 

Last year we had fresh snow and ice. This year, mud. And lots of it.  The course offers plenty of challenge and great rewards. At the top of the many staircases, you are presented with a beautiful view. Each time I made sure to look around and enjoy the sea and the dunes.

I am very happy with my run.  I finished in about 1h20, which is about 30  7 minutes faster than last year's race.  Today, my legs feel great.  That tells me that I had more left in me and could've run faster, perhaps.
Suggestions for next year: don't lift weights the Thursday before the race.  I know my plan was to lift on Tuesday, but one thing led to another, and I didn't want to miss weightlifting for the whole week. So I went on Thursday, and unfortunately, I did single leg presses.  I was still feeling the muscle fatigue when I started out on the course. 

I might also drink more water the day before and go to bed earlier.   And consider bringing a small water bottle on the course.   Maybe even a third gel pack?  But really, I’m caring plenty of fuel and I didn't feel like I was out of gas.   

I am pleased with my attempt to become more comfortable with discomfort.  For instance, I ran without a hat or gloves. And no iPod.  I didn't in fact need my coat after the first 20 minutes either.  

I love racing in my racing flats.  I feel like I paced myself pretty well since I was able to sprint for the last 500 m at the end of the race, and I never stopped moving on the stairs.    
Throughout the race, I was pleasantly surprised that nothing hurt.  No feet, no hip flexors, no hamstrings.  It was nice not to have any body parts complaining for once. It must be running in the right shoes.
Even better, I was not last this year.  After crossing the finish line, I started to walk to the club house. But I turned around to cheer the last runner over the line and help take down the tent.  I know what it feels like to run last. It takes courage to keep going when you’re all alone. So I wanted to be there when the last runner crossed. It’s a celebration whenever someone starts and finishes, and even when you simply start and give it your best.

During the race, there was a point where I suddenly realized that I was running very well: I got into a nice groove where I was running hard and breathing deeply without discomfort.  Perhaps I can run faster than I think I can.   I tried picking up the pace just a bit now and then, but my heart rate was quite high and I was trying to respect the limits I had set for the race. 

I had a lot of helpful thoughts, like gliding and floating and lifting my legs.  I thought about my centre of gravity and maintaining rapid turnover and relaxing my hands.  I pulled my attention up off the ground to listen for the birds, to look around me, and to enjoy what I was seeing.  I enjoyed the lake and the canals and the small bridges.  I smiled at the irony of the signs in Dutch warning that the foot bridges were slippery. The signs read "glad" with an arrow pointing to even more stairs, which didn't exactly make me feel glad.  

When I was really tired, I imagined the runner ahead of me pulling me up the stairs.  I remembered the advice I gave the other day that hills are just mental and that gravity works just as well uphill.  I took the stairs one at a time, keeping my focus on the stair in front of me.  I found it pretty effective to hop downhill on the stairs, but I was a little nervous about the stairs themselves because they were wooden and quite damp.  I wasn’t completely sure of my footing.

Before, during and after, I saw many people that I met last year.  I enjoyed connecting with many of the triathlon club members I have met this past year.  And several runners gave me encouraging words (as they ran past me). 

It was last year's race where I got the idea of joining the Hague Triathlon club.  The club members were very friendly and came up to me after wards last year and asked me how I enjoyed it.  I had the same experience this year, feeling welcomed and included.  I stood around with some of the fast runners.  I really enjoyed seeing them run and told them so, joking that I liked watching them repeatedly as they lapped me during the three rounds.  The problem I have is that I don't have long Dutch legs.

Even so, I've lost a lot of weight this past year, and I have worked on my base fitness level. I imagine I will run faster next year.  At some point I will reach my potential, peak, and start slowing down. But not yet. 

I hope I will be able to share some photos with you.  I have not had time to look at the various collections that are being posted.  I'll come back with the official results, and let you know!  This was a really fun race. I enjoyed it both during the run and then the rest of the day, thinking about it!

One last comment. Apparently, I ran past this ball of rubble at least three times. Only on the last lap did I actually notice it.

Saturday, 22 January 2011

22 Jan. Saturday

relaxing  run on Saturday to shake out the kinks before Sunday's race. I still felt stiff from weightlifting on Thursday. Odie liked the run, however, and so did I.

35 min
3.7 km

Friday, 21 January 2011

21 Jan Taper

I'm tapering for a 10 k race on Sunday. So today was simply bicycle commute 2x15 minutes, plus a dog walk later this evening. It's clear and dry!

Thursday, 20 January 2011

20 Jan Positive Change!

Today was quite busy. I finished up with a nice time at the gym. Speed rope tabata intervals for a starter, followed by lots of legs & core work. Dessert was a couple of hanging and twisting things to improve muscles used in climbing. Kind of a silly venture since my hands are shot from yesterday's climb-fest.

Weighed in at the scale on the gym - dropped 1.5% body fat the last two weeks. That makes a 4% drop over the last four weeks.  I'm quite pleased, and can feel the difference around my hips and belly. 

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

19 Jan Climbing the walls

We had our third, and last, lesson tonight about belaying. And then spent four hours climbing to exhaustion. I had a blast. It is so mentally and physically challenging. I can't wait to go again. But first I have to go to sleep.

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

18 Jan early

This is an I.O.U. for exercise I haven't done yet.  I have swim practice tonight and I am about to jump on the bike trainer for 45 minutes. Which gives me enough time to eat a recharge meal, grab my kit and some raisins and get to the pool.

soon my janathoners I will be back to cash in.

Bike Done

one hour lap swim DONE

Cashed in.

Monday, 17 January 2011

17 Jan. no puddles and almost warm

quick, gentle 40 minutes running with Odie after working late.

One point awarded to the fox.
Zero to the charging dog who couldn't catch him.

great moon light. dry ground. almost warm.  I love waiting until my legs ask me to run. It feels so good.

Sunday, 16 January 2011

16 Jan. sweaty pleasures

Just a quick post to report on the day. I love indoor climbing. It's a fantastic puzzle for both brain and body. Two hours at the wall today with my sons. A medium length dog walk, no rain.  And an hour aerobic zone heart rate ride on the trainer while dinner was roasting in the oven.

Food plan worked very well today. Quite delicious and satisfying. 

Saturday, 15 January 2011

15 Jan Dog Balls

I want to get to racing season about 15 lbs lighter. I am trying to drop some weight but I like to eat and I am pretty active. I read an article that suggested you can't increase your fitness level and lose weight at the same time. I'm sceptical of that. I'm working with my trainer at the gym to help me set some caloric intake targets and macro nutrient ratios. We met before Christmas. Based on my age, desk job and physical activity level (training about 10-12 hours a week), he suggested I eat 1600-1700 calories a day. I was off work the first two weeks, and despite the holidays I hit my numbers or close to them with some success. Returning to the office and caring for sick family has side-tracked me. I averaged the raw numbers for the last 9 days:

1985 eat
720 burn through exercise

ratios: 40 percent F, 40 percent C, 20 percent P.  I averaged 110 grams of protein daily, which met my goal. A little too high on calories and too many carbs. (though my trainer & I disagree on ratios).

The weighted average shows that I'm down half a pound this week, which is good.  Before I realised this, I woke up in a bit of a mood with myself. I got into the cookies and snacks at my son's violin recital last night. Not a lot of them, but I feel tired of logging my food, counting calories and so on. I'm annoyed with myself that I'm going to bring my reports to my next appointment without having met my ## and the scale will be the same and we'll look at each other and I'll shrug. 

I am finding logging my food as I go along too time-consuming. I am finding my failure to plan ahead to be an old tune. I want to be freakin done by now.    I  looked at what has worked in the past for me: 

1. eat from a list or a plan (this is what is for today) (easy, choice made).

2. when you're done with what's on the list, you're done & you're at your #. (easy, already planned)

I have a great exchange plan from Core Performance, but it includes dairy and grains, which I don't want to eat. It's simple to follow, however I didn't want to sit down and revise that plan or the endurance paleo plan I was using over last the summer (too many calories).

One solution to not wanting to put the time into creating my own meal plan is to have someone else do it. So, i got a six-week 1600 calorie paleo meal plan from Nell Stephenson. She wrote the Paleo Diet cookbook that is going to be published this year, and has a food blog I like. And she's a very lean, strong ironman triathlete. And really a friendly person too.

And then I made a shopping list and went food shopping. action. I'm fully stocked & can eat well.
I also got a little digital kitchen scale to increase my accuracy.

The meal plan is "delivered" through my training journal at Training Peaks. All I have to do is click and I will have an easy time of giving my trainer  a report. Training Peaks didn't do the greatest job entering the ingredients. When you produce a shopping list, it doesn't give you totals for the same items. It lists them all individually. It's a pain, and it's based on North American ingredients. So I have to modify it a bit. I preferred to deal with these limitations than build a meal plan myself from scratch.

I feel better now. 

Now, about dog balls. Fellow janathoners have been tracking chocolates (eaten or burned - sometimes hard to tell), pressies (push-ups? gifts?). I decided I would keep track of the number of tennis balls Odie finds or loses when we run in the dunes. Tonight we're up one.  Plus one fox chased and one pond swum. 

Tonight, easy 5.4 km.  I find a heart rate/timed run so much easier than a distance/pace run. no pressure - predictable return time!

Today's photo has nothing to do with what I just wrote. It's the current state of my living room.  Sailor getting ready for the morrow.

Friday, 14 January 2011

14 Jan. Ride the Red stallion

I enjoyed having the day off. I felt relaxed and happy. Part of what made today great was my older son giving a beautiful violin concert this evening. The other part was an indoor ride for 80 minutes.  A very sweaty ride. I tried out an  interval course that had a series of 10 minute climbs - 1%, 2%, 3% and finally 4%, separated by a 3 minute flat recovery period and a little downhill bit before the 4 % interval.  

Today's sweaty ride made me remember back when I was trying to regain my fitness a couple years ago. I didn't sweat.  Moving was uncomfortable and possible at a high heart rate zone.    Getting into form is much tougher than maintaining it.  I don't know what the physiology is behind not sweating. I imagine my body was quite inefficient at cooling itself, or perhaps I couldn't work hard enough or long enough? It certainly didn't feel that good.  I can see now the reason trainers will tell new people not to try too hard, but to just keep at it. Eventually I broke through to the other side. 

I love riding with the TACX - a video display gives you power, cadence, speed, heart rate - in coloured graphs. I can enjoy the ride twice - once on the red stallion and then while analyszing the ride.  

Thanks for reading and leaving comments. That's been once of the nicest parts of janathon - a great feeling of community.  I wish I could figure out if blogger has a reply feature. Please know that I feel uplifted by every comment.  Thanks.

Thursday, 13 January 2011

13 Jan. I've been tricked!

Noticing that the rain had apparently stopped this evening (it was a major umbrella morning), I decided to multi-task. Odie needs to go out for a long-ish walk in the evening. I need to move. So two in one. I had thought while looking at the rain that I'd ride my bike on the TACX, which I am enjoying so much. But that meant I wouldn't start until half 10 after the walk. So, since like I said, the rain had stopped and it looked dry, out the door we went.

Odie loves to run and patiently watches me while I assemble running tights, shoes, shirt, jacket, gloves, hat, arm band that blinks (care of Santa), house key, heart rate strap, Garmin. And he sits quietly while I program a little tempo run so I can stay in a high enough aerobic zone.  And he starts dancing when he realises I've finished collecting myself and I'm ready to get out the door.

Well, 15 minutes into an out-and-back run, the rain returned. And he brought his brother the wind.  What fun!

30 minutes 4.5 km Done.

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

12 Jan sogathon

sore throat this morning. i'm still running from the family crud. so i rowed a gentle enjoyable 30 minutes on the concept 2 erg. i love rowing. no music. no paces. nothing but peace and quiet. and odie lying on the floor next to me. before running, he and i tested my new umbrella. when the umbrella is folded up he thinks it's a dummy to snatch out of my hand. while i find it a bit annoying to play keep away he is quite attentive and stays close. i ran at least 200 meters during the walk. just cause i didn't want to admit to not wanting to run in the dark cold drizzle. but it was true. plus my right knee is feeling a little shaggy. so none of the body parts complained about rowing instead. i came off tri training in september and ran a whole bunch of races and haven't had down time. anyone can run themselves into the ground, it takes courage to recover!

looking forward to the return of good weather.

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

11 01 11

Busy day today. A little short on time. Trying a phone post. Todays activity was doing uncomfortable core workouts at the gym.

My trainer suggests not trying to build more muscle with machines. So this qas body weight, dumb bells and cable work, twisting. I didn't like out and felt a bit crabby. Unlike me.

So I'm suspicious about whether I'm coming down with the flu that's put my men folk on the couch. (I am refraining from looking for other causes for said condition - not thinking about football games or sit-coms).

The phone is not allowing me to edit poor word choices by the little key board. So this may be unintentionally funny. More likely, annoying. (I've gone back and edited the gremlins now - so you're left entirely with my errors).

Feeling this way, I'm not swimming tonight. Run planned for tomorrow.

Had a good session with the physio.. Not as painful as last week. Some progress.

Hope to have some time to catch up on all the other blogger entries tomorrow.

Monday, 10 January 2011

10 January

busy day at work. house still doubling as a sick bay.  Got a great ride in tonight on the TACX.  One hour, heart rate tempo ride. 42 km. Followed by a dog walk on the ice forming as the temperature dropped.  See you tomorrow.

Sunday, 9 January 2011

9 Jan

wall climbing today. The first of three planned lessons. I learned about the harness, the equipment, belaying, planning routes. I got to the top of the wall for both my climbs and belayed DH, who was feeling well enough to give it a try, and promptly felt sick again - over did it. my older son stayed home, still feverish unfortunately.

I had planned a long run this afternoon. But that was eclipsed by a two hour nap. Odie snuggled on one side, a cat purred on the other. zonk. My hammies are a little sore from my training yesterday, so i will not force a run this evening. 

we played around on the bouldering wall afterwards. (above) Climbing was quite intense. The more difficult courses I tried today required more body work to maneuver. I definitely enjoyed it - a completely new activity. (I tried climbing in my Vibrams. I liked it).

Also: dog walk

Saturday, 8 January 2011

8 Jan Oceans of time, but the longest 4 minutes ever.

my training zone
Janathon is a lot of fun, and occasionally I feel like I should be out there running every day, trying to keep up with the big dogs. But I will continue running all year round. How many Janathoners won't lace up until Juneathon or at all?  How many are going to burn out or hurt themselves because they have an external goal (run every day) that is not congruent with their physical animal?

I started running regularly in 2009. I trained for my first ten k (March), first 16k (Sept), first half-marathon (Oct), and finally my first marathon (Apr 2010), I began to focus exclusively on running. I found it so easy to throw on my shoes and go for a run. Lifting at the gym took planning.  The coach I was working with discouraged strength trainining, and though I had been lifting regularly through the summer of 2009, eventually I stopped going to the gym.  I had a lot of issues with my knees and had difficulty running faster paces without pain.   But I was following my coach's instructions.

As I got closer to the marathon I started planning my next race targets.  My first love has always been triathlon. And since moving to Holland  in 2006, I had been wanting to get back into the sport, but ran smack into the language barrier. (In 2004 and 2005, I completed three sprint distances, taking the podium in my age group twice.)  I like big scary goals.  They get me off the couch. So I decided to race a half-ironman distance triathlon in September 2010.   After the marathon, I realised I had lost a lot of strength and power. Plyometric moves were really tough. My new coach got me into the gym lifting twice a week.  I've also added some other routines that I like to improve my core and functional strength and prevent injury.

Today's workouts: circuit strength, plus probably a long ride later today.  I'm planning a 10k race tomorrow. And wall climbing.  How about you? How's your weekend shaping up?

Edited to add: 36.3 km ride 80 min. (15 min setting up the trainer)

circuit strength routine

Prehab 5 min Reps
Hip Abduction- Quadruped 10
Y- Physioball 10
T- Physioball 10
W- Physioball 10
L- Physioball 10
Quadruped Posterior Rocking 10
Hip Adduction- Sidelying 10

Movement Prep 10 min Reps
Hip Crossover- Feet Down 6
Glute Bridge 10
Rotational Fall Out 6
Knee Hug (In Place) 6
Backward Lunge 6
Knee Hug Lunge Elbow to Instep 6
Leg Cradle 6
Dropstep Squat 3
Hand Walk 6
Walking Quadriceps Stretch- Opposite 6
Plyometric 10 min Reps

Circuit: repeat the following movements 2 times.
Off Box Stabilization 6
Box Hop-Lateral 4
Box Hop-Medial 4
Rotational Jump- 90 Degree Countermovement Stabilize 5

Strength 25 min Reps
Circuit: repeat the following movements 3 times.
Romanian Deadlift- Dumbbell 2 Arm/1 Leg 10
Crunch- Reverse Physioball 15

Circuit: repeat the following movements 2 times.
Walking Lunge- Forward Dumbbell 10
Plate Crunch- Physioball 15

Repeat the following movement 2 times.
Russian Twist- on Physioball Holding medicine ball   12

Repeat the following movement 2 times.
Kettle swings   15
Tabata intervals: indoor rower (800 m 00:04:00) (842 m 00:04:00)

Regeneration 5 min Reps
Foam Roll-Quad/Hip Flexor 30
Foam Roll-Hamstrings 30
Reach, Roll, and Lift 8
Rope Stretch- Straight Leg Hamstring 8  

Friday, 7 January 2011

7 Jan. Power of positive pressure

Let's just say I really enjoyed my new spiffy umbrella today.  Everyone's writing about the rain, so I won't.

Although I was productive at other things,  I procrastinated all day and failed to set a specific time to go to the gym. So I ended up not going. And I worked late, so I didn't swim tonight.

But I did do "something" - 30 min. walk with the dog.  But for having committed to doing something every day, telling you about it here, and visiting you to see what you're doing (at least electronically), I would have just gone to bed. Which I am doing now.

Edited to add: I did the stairs again yesterday.  three sets x5.

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

5 Jan. Just keep moving

my leg hurts from the physio work yesterday. I'm bothered about this since it hurts more AFTER the treatment than before.  today was wickedly busy with the Man Still Down. and I didn't sleep well. wakeful. And up until 1 a.m. (reading very enjoyable Janathon posts).

So today's workout is carrying the full family load (laundry, meals, paid work, fetch & carry, and a bit of nursemaid).

Thankfully the elevator at the office is out of service. The entrance I use is at the basement. My desk on Four. Plus count European style. (Add the main floor) = 5 flights. I did them twice. Both directions. I didn't even get winded. I'm proud of that.   Not bothering to count multiple trips up the 3 flights in the house, with the laundry at the top.

listening to my body, I'm going to rest rather than hop on the trainer at 21.  Swim practice eats into Wednesdays. I know this.

Tomorrow.  She who fights and runs away (to bed) lives to fight another day (of the dead?). I messed up the rhyme. but no doubt you'll understand. It's just Janathon.

("official" weigh in with the trainer at the gym tomorrow. Has the diet been working? I certainly have. Results, please!)

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

4 Jan 2010 Man down, woman seen running from house

I discovered yet another new muscle at the physio this morning - the sartorius.  The massage work on it felt worse than either childbirth or the time I crushed my fingers between the panels in the garage door.

The sartorius is a very useful muscle for running, cycling and swimming. Which I love. So I took it easy tonight.  Triple tasking, since the husband is down with the flu.  Dog walk + quality time with son who rode his bike + easy run.  Now to food shop, make dinner, and get to the pool by 21:30 for a relaxing hour of swimming laps while trying to impress my coach with my rather poor ever-improving swim technique.  

Edited to add: The pool was deliciously warm, not overly chlorinated, and I experienced moments of speed, glide and actual forward momentum.  I absolutely love the silence of swim. that, and floating. 

Monday, 3 January 2011

3 January 2010

I'm just loving in the Janathon Blogger community. Such inspiration. Such humor.  If only I can keep up.

Given all the wonderful pet pix on the Janathon blogs, I thought it would be fun to share some updated photos of Odie, who is my "marathon dog".  This is what I got.  Either I need a new camera or a new dog.

I've planned for today weight lifting, yoga and some cross-training - probably skipping rope.  I'll come back and report once I've made up my mind and actually done something besides visit Janathon blogs.  Oh, and it's the last day off work.  Sadly, the kids went back to school today. tee hee.

Okay. I'm back for my report, Part I.

Core Workout
Quadruped Posterior Rocking 10
Hip Abduction- Quadruped 10
Y- Physioball 10
T- Physioball 10
W- Physioball 10
L- Physioball 10
Dead Bug- Legs 10

Hip Crossover- Feet Down 6
Glute Bridge 10
Rotational Fall Out 6
Knee Hug (In Place) 6
Backward Lunge 6
Knee Hug Lunge Elbow to Instep 6
Leg Cradle 6
Lateral Squat 6
Inverted Hamstring Stretch (Backward) 6
Walking Quadriceps Stretch- Same 6

Kettle Swings. 30
Speed rope Tabata. Four minutes.  Woah!

Plyo circuit x2
Squat Jump- Non-Countermovement 5
Box Hop- Linear 5
Miniband Linear Bound- Stabilize 5
Lateral Bound- Miniband Stabilize 5

Strength Circuit:x3 .
Dumbbell Bench Press- Alternating 10
Row- 1 Arm/1 Leg Contralateral Dumbbell 10
Strength Circuit:  2 times.
Kettle  Lift- Linear Half Kneeling (Outside Foot Forward) 10
Kettle Chop- Physioball 10

Push Ups- I couldn't do them on the Physioball, so I did them on the BOSU instead. in sets of 3 until I got to 30. these sucked.

Abs. On the Bosu. "myotatic crunch" - 20.

Foam roll on the back and sides.  Tennis ball massage on my arches.

Then Short Bike Ride: 20 minutes.
Flow Yoga: 30  minutes

Sunday, 2 January 2011

2 January 2010

10 k run done.  I chose not to enslave myself to the Garmin pace on my wrist or the running plan. I wanted to run on the beach with Odie, and high tide meant soft sand again.  And I ran as far as I felt like before turning back.

Today I looked for beauty and  I reviewed the challenges to getting out of the house. Husband needed some help with the bike trainer, which wasn't functioning the way he wanted. (I haven't figured out whether there was really something wrong with the machine or if he simply thought it should be easier than it was. No reason for me to ponder that one).  Son needed breakfast. He wanted a smoothie. The first batch was too sour, then he didn't like the maple flavor that the syrup added. Second batch was fine.   Then I had to fish through a pile of dirty clothes to find my running thermals, which passed the "fresh enough" test. (They're now in the laundry).  Then I had to find the earphones. And the chest strap. And the water bottles (which weren't in the cabinet or the drawer - found them in the basket on the second look). Just as I put on my running tights, my son remembered a birthday party and I had to conjure a gift, wrap it and send him off. Then I had to find my other running shoe, which the dog put "somewhere else" in the house.  Then find some gel. Gloves, hat, and out the door.

I decided to enjoy the run. This included multiple pauses to play with the dog, to talk with other people walking their dogs, to find better music on my phone-music-player.  I had only a general  idea of the assigned distance for today's run (since the computer was in use - logjam at the computer today with my son studying for a test.  ). So I gave myself the freedom to turn around when I felt like it.   Which I did.  When I finished the first of two bottles at 4 km, I realised the water bottles I brought were too small for a  longer run. (the plan was 15 km - I did 10 km. I'm satisfied with that, particularly since my knees were bothering me a bit after Friday's run.).

See you tomorrow!

Saturday, 1 January 2011

1 January 2011

The best way to start the year is with a wild howl.  A New Year's Dive in the North Sea at noon.   With an air temperature of 7 degrees, the day felt considerably warmer this year over last (when the thermometer read ZERO).

A mad dash into the freezing water, and a mad dash out.

So far for the day: One hour on the TACX. trainer.  And a soak in the tub.