Saturday, 30 June 2012

30 juneathon so long and thanks for all the fishes

okay. the title is irrelevant and non-responsive. i am in the midst of grading university exam answers. so i am feeling a little silly. particularly because juneathon is jog log and blog. I don't run more than three times a week, and this week I haven't run since last sunday. rest and periodicity, I think are the principles I invoked. or dontfeellikeittoday. and then i have slacked quite a bit with the log portion. mind you i like runningfree. it's fine. but i don't count exercise calories and my garmin gives me generally speaking all the data i need. so i skipped this step most of the time as unnecessary. but blog I did.  i like to write. i like the applause I get (sometimes) (you know who you both are, and thank you).

it's been fun. january i will visit and comment more. this was beyond the beyond for me. june is the slide into the end of school and just gets enormously ridiculously busy. add on top of that busy work days and racing on weekends, and well, I was not very supportive of other juneathoners except for some favorites. I will do better in january. so come back, okay?


  1. Congrats with Juneathon! Yes, I will be back in January. Enjoy summer!

  2. Well, it was fun to follow you regardless.

    I'll be here if you are. :)


    1. I'm still writing. but probably not every day. or maybe I should. maybe I will!


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