Saturday, 2 June 2012

juneathon day 2 - ride x 2

My son is playing in a basketball tourney today. so I brought my bike and enjoyed a relaxing 30 km ride around zoetermeer. I tried plotting a gps course, which I followed for a while. Then I came to a closed road. so I circled back and did some orienteering. The garmin will take you back to the start point. But I wasn't convinced that the watch would guide me directly back to the sport hall. I used a combination of the GPS on my phone and the watch.  A fun little explore.

After I got home I still wanted to do the hard part (power intervals) on the tri-training schedule. I thought about putting the bike on the trainer, which has a power meter, but it's a crime to do that while the sun is shining. So I went out into the dunes and did the intervals by riding over "the Hill" 8 times. It did the trick.  Another 75 minutes in the training bank.

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