Wednesday, 13 June 2012

12 juneathon

I felt tired this morning still and skipped my training ride, with promises to do it tomorrow. But I am up past midnight writing exam questions for a class I teach. That makes it unlikely I'll ride in the morning. So much for IOU's.  However, I did train at the gym. Rowing & weights. So my Juneathon conscience is clear.

I'm enjoying photos from other 'thoners. So when I went to give my lecture today, I snapped some photos to share.
The Hague University of Applied Sciences
lovely water detail as you walk from the train station onto the campus.
while trying to get a nice photo of the swan, I managed to drop my wallet into the lovely water detail.
view from campus towards the train station, across the lovely water details.
You must look where you are going, or you will step into these water details.
this year's herring. fantastic.


  1. Love the blog sub-title!

  2. Dropping your wallet in the water feature, haha. Ate lot of fresh herring yesterday as well - always tasty!


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