Thursday, 28 June 2012

28 juneathon - quietude

I stayed up too late (meaning until 12:30), and decided it was reasonable to sleep in rather than lift at 7 a.m. one of several rationalisations. My legs and abs are still sore from Tuesday, thus more recovery time is warranted. It was freakishly warm, thus no running home after work (*warm being relative. i think maybe it was 20c today). I thought I'd walk on the beach after dinner, but flopping on the couch and watching Family Guy was more fun.  My dumb calves-feet-pain combination is back. Could be the lunges and squats.

I'm not actually what this shirt means. but it seemed to fit the situation.

Juneathon today devolved to a short dog walk before dark.

I trust that major internal improvements are underway during this day of rest.

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