Sunday, 9 February 2014

fabulous 50-fit February

I'm beginning to feel the return of my mojo.  I imagine the same forces that work on the bulbs in winter work on me too.

Run-walk-run for 30 minutes. beach. Wind, rain, cold. bracing.  Enough said.

12-minute Kettlebell

Four exercises: one minute intervals with 10 second rest in between sets.  Three rounds

20 lb. kettlebell. 

Started with 10 reps alternating then switched to 5 reps on each side for the second and third rounds.

1. clean & press ( alternating right and left, 5 reps on each side) 
2. 2h swings (American, Russian and Power)
3. Kettlebell bicep curls 
4. KB Snatches  alternating 5 reps. on each side.