Monday, 15 July 2013

ahead or behind?

21-Jul    8 800
28-Jul    17.5
04-Aug    9 * 800
11-Aug    19 hike
18-Aug   10 * 800 hike
25-Aug   10.5 travel
01-Sep   12 * 800 travel
08-Sep   22
15-Sep   14 * 800
22-Sep   5 k mm   
29-Sep   23 km MUD
06-Oct   5 
13-Oct   8
20-Oct   21 HM Race

I adapted a training plan from 2009.  Time to think about this race, for sure.  I doubt seriously that I will be doing any speed work while trekking with a 20 kg pack in the arctic circle.  Time to consider CrossFit Endurance.

Sunday, 14 July 2013

99 days

That's how many training days between now and the Amsterdam half.  

I went down to watch the finishers at the world championship cross tri today.  Got over feeling upset with myself. Got inspired to start thinking about the mud masters in sept, and the half in October. 

And the trek in Sweden is a month out.  We have a couple more training hikes. Then away! 

Saturday, 13 July 2013


I didn't start this morning at the beach challenge.  I feel sad but accept that there is a time  for everything and this isn't mine for tri sport. It's a very difficult course. I have not trained regularly, despite having signed up for a  coached course. 

 the last nine months I have had a heavy load at work and some health issues that have zapped my willingness to train. So rather than go out and risk injury, I slept in. 

Letting go. I will take myself for a consolation ride.  Maybe even pick up my tshirt. 

Monday, 8 July 2013

utrecht walkabout

aka too little planning means more walking.  This week we took a train away from The Hague to hike.

Chances are if there's a wrong way to turn, I'll take it, as this route clearly demonstrates. There was indeed a more direct way to the fort.  However, since this was purely a mileage maker, there's no wrong way!   But I was reading a Dutch hiking guide and following instructions for biking.  Lesson learned?  Spend more time before heading out studying the way.  The other lesson learned?  Followers rarely know when a calm leader is lost.

Our walk produced a righteous 14 km in lovely Overvecht.  We saw one fort, which was underwhelming.  The dog enjoyed a couple swims.  We enjoyed the sunshine.  When the afternoon got late, we hopped a bus back to the train station, saving ourselves the last sweaty three kilometers.  One of the highlights was a slide down the staircase leading to the train station.  Another was a zip line in a playground where we stopped for a snack.  In all, it was an interesting urban hike.

Tick count: one. On the dog.
Blisters: none.

Our Sweden trip is five weeks away.

Monday, 1 July 2013

Juneathon 13 - out with a whimper

junathoning was more walking than running, and more wishing than actual writing here. Last week was busy and thus my training schedule was more "relaxed", walking the dog mostly, getting enough sleep and writing a lot (elsewhere).  Onwards to summer with full, fun days, spent outdoors with friends and family.