Thursday, 19 September 2013

fall training plan

I have a lot of fun activities planned. I want to be ready for everything. 

I am giving this program a try:

Fire Your Gym! Simplified High-Intensity Workouts You Can Do At Home: A 9-Week Program--Fewer Injuries, Better Results

I will adapt because I have a 10k run this weekend.

Base testing this week

Tuesday, 17 Sept. 2013

comments: kind a low energy today

500 meter row (subbed for running) 2:06
40 air squats 2:00
30 sit-ups on ab-mat 1:46
20 push-ups - on knees, using grips on the tower 1:43
10 jumping pull-ups with green band assist 1:03

total time: 8:38

Wednesday, 18 Sept. 2013
30 minutes rowing (in place of running)- distance 6560m
comment: oops was supposed to be 20 min.

max air squats - 90 seconds
max situps-60 seconds
max burpees - 60 seconds
max pullups - 
max push-ups
900 m run for time

5k run

three rounds for time:
400 m run
21 air squats
15 kettle bell swings
nine pull-ups

Monday, 9 September 2013

100th anniversary peace palace run

I'm really looking forward to this 10 k race!

Event page