Saturday, 30 May 2009

4x800 - longer, easier & faster than last time

Update on pace: Total time for 800m, including walk break = 5:00

Instructions for next time:
You had a really good 800 meter workout. Here is further instructions for next time:

1. Warm up with a gentle 10 min of run-walk-run
2. Do 4 gradual accelerations (not sprints)
3. At the beginning of each 800, start your watch and don't stop it until you finish the 2 laps.
4. Walk for 20-30 seconds at the 400, but keep the watch running.
5. Walk for 4 minutes between each one.

2. Pace assigned: 4x800 - shoot for 5:00 on each one--2:30 per lap. Walk for 3-4 minutes between each 800. Walk 30 seconds at the 400 m mark
Pace actually run: as assigned, I think. Was the walk break in addition to the five minute pace?
I got slowed down a couple times by “opportunities for training my leashed dog” and by my running buddy, who decided on # III that she was going to go home. She stopped me in order to say goodbye. Grumble. Grumble!

Warm up

15 min (1.5 k to the start of the marked trail)
I 400 2:34

800 2:43

rest 4:00
II 400 2:29
800 2:37
rest 3:23
III 400 2:38
800 2:38

Cool down

17 min (1.5 k back to my house)

3. Walk break ratio assigned: above. Walk break ratio used: as assigned, I think.

4. Speed-work done: I ran 1 minute sprints for 30 minutes mid-week. And a 40- minute “steady state.” No knee problems.

5. Any aches/pains? No.

6. Questions? No. This was longer, faster & easier than last time. I found a fun album to run to – US Army Airborne Cadence – keeps me right on the pace, plus I can double up when I want to go a little faster. Not all the time, but enjoyable. “Sound Off!!” (Maybe wouldn’t be so fun if you had actually done those death marches in the service….)

Do you think it would be realistic for me to train & run for the whole marathon in October? My husband made a skeptical remark about the distance, and I want to do it now. In March, I didn’t have faith in myself that I could.

7. Weekend workout planned for next weekend: June 7--13K

Monday, 25 May 2009

We are the champions

Here's the report from yesterday's race.

385/390 1:14:46 New Personal Best

Honor the winner:

1/390 Nicole Kneller 39:26

All I can say is Wow

I made a play list of music for the race. I was lucky enough to have Another One Bites The Dust and We are the Champions come up at the very end, inspiring me to press on.

1. Distance assigned: 10k race plus 3K extra to make up assigned distance

2. Pace assigned:
1st 3K--7:30 per K--no faster using a ratio of run 2 min/walk 1 min
4K-6K--7:00 per K--use 3-1
7-10K--anything you want--your time to pass people. Use any run-walk-run you wish

Pace actually run:
I ran the assigned pace exactly – checking my times at the mile markers. In hindsight, perhaps I should have adjusted for the heat (the average temp of the race was 80 degrees F, with a high of 96 degrees).

3. Walk break ratio assigned: See above. Walk break ratio used: as assigned.

For the "make up" I ran 4.5k in the evening on the beach with my dog. Very relaxing, if challenging, due to having raced. Walk breaks – either 2:1 or 3:1. Some hill and stairs work.

4. Speed-work done: none

5. Any aches/pains? At 7k, my left foot started cramping and I developed pain in my left hip, probably from a compensatory stride. I finally took my shoes off and ran without them for about 50 meters. I realize my laces were too tight. I adjusted the laces and put my shoes back on. My foot was fine for the rest of the race. My hip hurt again a little during the evening run (when lifting my leg).

I felt very good after the race. This time, I didn’t get chills (granted, March was cold & wet). No knee pain arose. I rode my bike home 5k nd continued with my day – no flopping on the couch.

6. Questions? No. What I learned:

Every race is unique.

Bring enough water. I used what I was carrying to drench myself. Same at the 5k water station. Felt good, but I didn’t drink enough.

Don’t tie your shoes too tightly out of pre-start nervousness. Foot cramps mean loosen my laces.

It’s okay to be last for part of the race – “walk breaks are my secret weapon”

The mental training is the most important – I had positive self-talk and strategies ready for aches and pains and being last for a while. I passed people in the last 3k.

Make a plan for the whole race – the 7-10 “Do anything you wish” left me unprepared during the race – I should have planned in advance what I wanted to do. I felt tired and my structure broke down, leaving me vulnerable to the “I can’ts”.

Inspiring music & images really help me.

Running in hot weather is very difficult.

I will run faster when I lose more weight and continue training.

7. Weekend workout planned for next weekend:

May 31--4 x 800 shoot for 5:00 on each one--2:30 per lap. Walk for 3-4 minutes between each 800

Thanks for your help. I really had a fun time.

Saturday, 16 May 2009

Wow - what a difference a month makes!

Today's assignment was to run another "magic mile," which can be used to measure improvements in conditioning and to predict finish times for a race.

Today's splits

400 02:27.9
800 02:41.4
1200 02:49.7
1400 03:05.4

Last month's

400m 2:08.0
800m 2:45.5
1200m 2:50.5
1600m 3:30

Although the times look similar, compared to my first one, I felt great. I didn't have to walk during the last 200 meters. I wasn't breathless. I didn't achieve the inverse split that was ssigned, but I had a lot of fun. I'm tempted to try it again tomorrow with the intention to make every segment faster than the last. Today, however, I just padded along, trying not to try too hard.

Monday, I'll add my HRM chart, which tells the inside story. I feel so proud of myself.

Saturday, 9 May 2009

Another 14k - another fabulous run

Too many horses. Not enough dogs. Today's morning run included a shot of adrenaline. Two girls galloped their horses along the water line, racing each other. They had no control over the horses. They came up from behind me. Hearing the hooves (they really do thunder), I raced over to grab Odie and we huddled on the ground as the horses passed us, splitting and leaving us in the middle. I had goose bumps all over my body.

This made the interactions with the trotters a non-event. Odie hasn't been too interested in chasing horses generally. He's now a rug. Shadowing me from room to room.

Here's today's stats. I've been having some "issues" with knee inflammation. Thankfully, no issues today.

1. Distance assigned: 13k Distance actually run: 14k

2. Pace assigned: n/a Pace actually run: Pace 10:22 (avg) Speed: 5.77 (km/hr) (avg)

3. Walk break ratio assigned: Walk 5 minute warm up; 1:1 Walk break ratio used: as assigned,plus five minute walking cool-down

4. Speed-work done: No. Slow run. Slower than last long run.

5. Any aches/pains? No. This week I was "aware of" my knees - they didn't hurt, but they didn't feel invisible either. I x-trained on the erg rather than run on Thursday. Tuesday was a 42 minute run on an island in the North Sea. Today, my "usual" minor soreness" in my knees did not appear until two hours out. This is an improvement, since I usually notice my knees after 30 min. I didn't get enough sleep this week.

6. Questions? No.

7. Weekend workout planned for the following week: May 17--Magic Mile (MM) 400 meter times: 2:30, 2:28, 2:26, 2:24 (9:48)

Revised Schedule II

May 10--13K--be sure to use 1-1
May 17--Magic Mile (MM) 400 meter times: 2:30, 2:28, 2:26, 2:24 (9:48)
May 24--13K (10K race plus extra distance as noted above) (On May 24, try to warm up with 4K, and warm down with a 6K. Or, run a 7-8K later in the day.)
May 31--4 x 800 shoot for 5:00 on each one--2:30 per lap. Walk for 3-4 minutes between each 800
June 7--13K
June 14--Magic Mile (MM) same as May 17--but faster
June 21--14K
June 28--7 x 800July 5--15K

July 12--8 x 800July 19--16K

July 26--MM--same as June 14--but faster

Aug 2--17K Aug 9--9 x 800Aug 16--18KAug 23--10 x 800Aug 30--20KSep 6--5K with MMSep 13--22KSep 20--5K with MMSep 27--16K RaceOct 4--24KOct 11--5K
Oct 18--Amsterdam Half Marathon

Saturday, 2 May 2009

Do it again!

Saturday morning, I ran another pair of 800m repeats. Stats in the box to the left.

Yesterday, our plans for a canoe trip fell apart when we spent a lot of time at a glass blowing exhibition. When we arrived home, my legs were aching for a little exercise. I took Odie out for a half-hour even though it wasn't a "run" day. I am finding running to be a great way to get in a good work-out without chewing up a huge amount of time. Just put on my shoes and get out the door. Putting the shoes on being the hardest part, of course.

I bought some new running clothes to celebrate last month's weight loss. I lost nine pounds for the month. I picked out size medium instead of large. I realised this morning that the top is a little too small - perhaps with my build I will always need a large top. But I will see how it fits again in a month. The shorts are great. I got a matching hat and rain jacket. I also got a compression belt with water bottles. I feel like a pro!

This morning, M arrived at 8:15 sharp. She was very agreeable to doing some speed work. She can run more quickly than I, and I am left to quiet the critical noise in my head. However, she noticed how much faster I was at the tempo work already, compared to a month ago. It helps to lighten the load I carry with me too. Just wait until October.

1. Distance assigned: two 800m repeats

2. Pace assigned: five min (trying for 2:20 for the first 400m) Pace actually run: as assigned

3. Walk break ratio assigned: 30 sec @ 400m then 3 min @800m Walk break ratio used: as assigned (15 minute warm up at ~2:1)

4. Speed-work done: On Thursday, I ran the 2x800 to see what it was like. Times were 4:56 and 5:23 (second lap was a little longer because my dog Odie charged another dog and it took about 15 seconds to get his attention and move on). I left Odie home this morning.

5. Any aches/pains? No. Still have minor soreness in my knees develop after 30 min. Fine by the next morning.

6. Questions? TWO (A) Still pending is my question about traiing for hills. What should I be doing to prepare. (B) Make up the distance? On the weekend of 24 May, I will run in the Royal 10K Race in The Hague. The training plan assigns a 13k run. Any problem with running a 10k instead? Should I make up the remaining distance with a short run later in the day? Over-run the distance of the race?

7. Weekend workout planned for next weekend: 13K (usual mid-week plans)