Thursday, 30 May 2013

2012 overview

8 Jan - Egmond KM
12 Feb Groetuit Schoorl HM
11 Mar CPC 10km14 April Amstel Gold 150 km Tour
Done Fun
28 May 135 km hill tour Right to Play
10 Juni Rotterdam 10km
17 June Groningen
23 June Stein
23 June run 2 miles against poverty with Joel
7 -8 August Grand Teton Summit
9 sept - 100 km Amsterdam
16 Sept - 170 km hill cycling tour Limburg
21 Oct 8 k Amsterdam
25 November 25 (15) K meijendelduinen run

meeuwenmakrel run 10 EM (december)


I know. It's juneathon.  But I like the typo renaming it to juneathin. I am shedding the winter insulation I managed to acquire.  It is time, even though it is still cold here in the Netherlands.  We had summer  on Tuesday when it was 17 degrees and sunny.  It's now 13 again.

So. Why juneathon.  I miss writing on my blog. And  I have not been running with any regularity.  to motivate some change, I just registered for the Amsterdam half marathon in October, which was my first and I think my favorite race ever.  Ad the best part of juneathon is of course that I love reading others' blog entries.   It inspires me.  And makes me wish I were funnier. 

I need to update my side bar.  I've done most of the stuff I planned for this year already.  The big event this year is taking a bunch of 14 year olds into the Arctic circle for a long trek.   Part of the excitement is helping them to prepare over the next three months.

Upcoming. Juneathon.  A month of penance and tears!  Plus some long distance cycling.
July.  Off road triathlon.  World championships.
August. Kings Road, Sweden
September.  Long course mud masters
October. Amsterdam half.