Tuesday, 5 June 2012

5 Juneathon - coaching by Chrissie

Today feels a bit like rocking the car in the mud. I feel like I'm doing a lot, but may be not making any progress?  Grief is stalking me, but I keep moving.

I treated myself to Audiofuel's Tri Harder album with Chrissie Wellington. Rock on. 

This morning I did the whole 60 min power interval session on the trainer. It was tough. I didn't quit. The power meter says I created 1662 Watts of power, which roughly translates to 1600kcal consumed. Is that really possible? The intervals were 3 minutes long x 3 (with 3 min rest). two sets with a rest period of 8 minutes. I made big hills to make them hard - 3, 4, 5 or 6 % grade.  I used the pain ~ I mean discomfort ~ to train my brain to think clearly when uncomfortable. 

I lifted at lunch. I was already stiff and sore from the ride. My left quad gave me a sharp pain when I did some squats. I think it is from dehydration. I went into the cold-water bath (and the steam & sauna) after training to see if that will help.

R helped me bench press 40 kilos. (88lbs). by help, I mean encouragement. He didn't lift it for me. He stood next to me and told me I can do it. Although it would have been nice if he had done the ab work instead of me. Ow.

I also have swim practice tonight, which will be a perfect antidote to all sore parts.

Last, I have a 10k race on Sunday. I'm not planning on tapering from my tri training, so we'll see how it goes on the day. I have a 75 min run scheduled for Sunday. I think a race-paced 59 minutes will be good enough. Edited: I skipped swim practice to do parental things. So now I'm watching swim technique videos. geek.


  1. Well done, you. So you are going to the Ladies Run in Rotterdam this coming Sunday? I am still hesitant about it.

    1. yes, I've been teaching my friend to run and pacing her during her first couple races. I would like to run at my own pace, so I signed up for this on a whim.

      I like Rotterdam. I think it will be fun.


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