Tuesday, 25 June 2013

ketchup - 22 23 24

saturday. walking
sunday. 20km hike with pack
monday. walking. attending to sore feet.

Friday, 21 June 2013

21. Longest day

Happily I am enjoying the longest day of the year.  I shudder to think how quickly the days will shrink after today.  Inexorable.   Swam today.  Diet starts again tomorrow.

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

juneathon 17 - 18

monday - bike commute plus daydreaming.
tuesday - an hour in the dunes on the race bike. delightful.

as seen in a shop window

Sunday, 16 June 2013

14 -15 - 16

went to see star trek, cleaned house, took care of my family. rode my bike, a lot. walked, a lot. enjoyed the weekend.

something I really appreciate about my dog is taking regular walks.  something I really appreciate about my cat are his gifts. not. had to bury a baby bird today that he was sneaking into the house.

happy fathers day to a great dad

Friday, 14 June 2013

13 * bootcamp

ooof. first lunchtime-advanced-bootcamp class in the park. I almost puked my breakfast. and the instructor said afterwards that was an introduction.

I feel so many things in reaction.

Among other things, the workout was a lot of push ups, jumping jacks, planks and running intervals, including up and down stairs, box jumps and otherwise moving continuously for 50 minutes. the only good thing about it was when it was done.

I wanted to feel light on my feet and capable. instead I felt sluggish and heavy. 

can't wait until the next class!

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

11 tuesday

A quick run after work.  Literally only about 10 minutes, but still.  Satisfying. 
Wore out the dog.

for some reason, blogger does not post from my phone. I know, you were waiting for this one. 

12. a weighty subject

finally got back into the gym to lift weights and row. 2k 9:30.  not a PR but reassuring that I haven't melted into a puddle of fat while waiting for summer.

an hour of useful, purposeful movement.

photo = something exciting in my life. Getting cool gear for my kids and the upcoming trip.

Monday, 10 June 2013

6 June

Five k in the sun, on the beach this morning, the ideal way to start the day.  I ran intervals and races the dog up the stairs four times.  He cheats sometimes by starting before I say Go!. So do I.   Walk down and do it again.  Then I ran 200m intervals, measured by the spacing of the beach barrels for trash.  Then I collected plastic bags I found while running and deposits them in one of the barrels. I wondered if they'd end up being dumps at sea.  The universe rewarded me with a clean tennis ball.   Which Odie preferred over his sand-encrusted ball.  We traded and made our way home.

Now I'm enjoying butter coffee.  Instead of milk, I've blended some fresh unsalted grass-butter into my espresso.  Really weird, and really delicious.

10 juni 1 km 10 min

today was minimalist monday, as I recovered from yesterday's long hike.  My achilles tendon was not too pleased with me this morning.

And as I dressed for the office, I felt eager to move into a life where I own my Monday's.

Staying up too late last night watching silly cat videos was the antecedent cause of loathing Monday.  Here, it's your turn to laugh too hard.

Juneathon score - 1 km, 10 min, 1 dog.

9 juni

16 km trek with new pack and 10 kg kettle bell.  Heavy.  Lots of flowers blooming.  Saw swans, foals and   coots.  My feet are sore.  What is this 110 km trip going to be like!?

Saturday, 8 June 2013

8 juni

Planning a series of training events to prepare for a long hike takes time.  I spent probably five hours researching potential trails and dates,  set up an invite for everyone, and so on.  Then my younger son realized he has some tests next week and wants fewer hours out tomorrow.  Crash and burn.  I mean leadership opportunity.   I want to motivate and inspire the group and keep the kids safe by making sure that we trek at least every two weeks together with longer distances and heavier packs.  So we've adjusted the plan to avoid driving somewhere new and interesting.  Instead closer and familiar.  So close it's out the front door.   Which is fine by at least one on the leadership team.

Today I road the bike for half and hour.  And tonight I will go out again either for a walk or another ride,  this time adding aire to the tires.

Friday, 7 June 2013

7 juni. Under the wire

Sitting in the sun counts for juneathon, right?  And planning a 22km hike for Sunday, right.

Now, out to redeem myself by running the dog at 10 til pumpkin.  I want to visit this bamboo forest someday.

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

5 juneathon

I have thoroughly enjoyed today's sunny day. The wind kept me from overheating. I had lunch out on a terrace and got sunburned, which made me very happy.

My son and I walked the dog for a short while. I thought about going for a run but invited him to come with me instead. The wind was too cold for him to stay out as long as I had planned.

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

4 joy-a-thin

I enjoyed a nice run with the dog this morning.  I took Martin Yelling's intervals with me. Great coaching track.  I love the simplicity of going out for a run.

Looking at the pools it occurred to me that nature rarely uses straight lines.

Monday, 3 June 2013

3 joy filled Monday

Today I researched how to use flight vouchers from last year to buy the tickets to Sweden.  The delta website wouldn't let me book a group with multiple vouchers.  After buying two pairs of tickets I ran into a road block trying to book what the computer thought was an unaccompanied minor. I called customer service and had a great conversation with a very helpful fellow who booked the last two tickets and helped me fix a mistake I made, with the help of the website, in using one of the vouchers. 

Juneathin started with the very thought, ugh. I have to do something.  Beside making multiple meals, working all day, doing several laundry loads, talking to colleagues, and buying the above tickets.  Oh, and making dinner, 

What I love about running is you just need to put on your shoes and start running.

Granted it is 3 June but I ran in my ski coat this evening.  And enjoyed the sunset.  I will upload the garmin later to running free online. Which likes to post to facebook and wow my friends.  Not. Nth else are not impressive runs.  They are walks with sudden and short lived bursts of speed,  well, not really speed. But faster than walking. 

I will come back and add some guaranteed lovely photos.  I took them with an incompatible device. 

2 Joyathin

I had computer issues. I swear. Not just a busy life. Sunday was sunny. I walked with some sprints with the wet dog, who visited with all the other wet dogs on the beach.

See ya later. My mind is scheming to find a time slot for today's fun.

Saturday, 1 June 2013

The King's Trail

This summer we are going to northern Sweden, above the Arctic Circle, to trek along the King's Trail. We is two adults, a young adult and three 14-year-olds.  It is a thrilling trip.

I just booked the overnight train travel from Stockholm to Kiruna, a fourteen hour trip. We will trek to Abisko and return by train to Stockholm.

1 june - just start

I switched to a Mac and my Garmin isn't sure it wants to make friends.  I switched phones too and haven't figured out the auto upload.  I'm whining about this so you feel better. I imagine you struggle with change too.**

[**solution found: enable google plus on the samsung galaxy III phone. link to account. tell it to back up existing photos.]

Okay. Long windy walk with occasional sprints. Juneathon day 1 done.
Photos to make it interesting.

Sorry. Not possible. I need to feed my child and I cannot figure out the technical requirements of drop box, iPhoto, google and samsung.  So. Instead of windy beach. Here is Spring from a few weeks ago. We skipped summer and we're now into blustery fall weather again.

Aha. Never give up.  blustery beach.