Monday, 30 May 2011

today I remember and give thanks.

Today, in the United States, we celebrate Memorial Day.  Living in Europe, on days like this, I feel far from home.

I pray that my sons never know war.
I pray that we seek peace through justice.

To those who have known war and paid the price in pursuit of peace and justice, I give thanks.

Today and always. We stand together.

The Price

Sketch by Victor Juhasz, who travelled with  Troops First Foundation in November 2010, to Marine bases in Helmand Province, Afghanistan. Posted on The Price.

Saturday, 28 May 2011

getting ready for juneathon.

I have had terrible allergies this Spring. It has interfered with my training and I ended up with bronchitis and sat on the couch last weekend waiting for the antibiotics to do their thing.  I ran on Wednesday and did some light weight training.  I'm feeling better and ready to train again. 
So, as I get ready for the nonsense that is Juneathon, I thought I'd start training my fingers again.  Step one was getting the indoor bike trainer set up, since it's raining cats and dogs outside. Can't have that!
So I took measurements too. I will be lighter & learning come 1 July.
Movement Prep 7 minReps
Reverse 90-90 Stretch4
Inverted Hamstring- In Place4
Forward Lunge Elbow to Instep4
Knee Hug (In Place)4
Pillar March- Linear4

Prehab 10 minReps
Circuit: repeat the following movements 2 times.
Pillar Bridge- Front:30
Pillar Bridge- Lateral:30
Glute Bridge Marching (Knee Extension)6
Miniband Standing 1 Leg External Rotation6
Hip Abduction - Ankle Weights10
Hip Adduction - Ankle Weights10
Hip Extension - Ankle Weights10
Hip Flexion - Ankle Weights10
Floor Ys10
Plyometric 12 minReps
Circuit: repeat the following movements 2 times.
Lateral Bound- Miniband Stabilize5
Box Hop- Linear5
Drop Squat and Stabilize5
Squat Jump- Non-Countermovement5