Sunday, 30 May 2010

W18 Saturday

busy day "single-parenting" -

It started at 4 am correcting the stinky teenagers who broke curfew and stayed up waaaay too late playing video games.  They had been told lights out by 2.  Stinky boys!

Then, Nathaniel  asked to be woken at 7 a.m. so he and his friend could go for a hike and have breakfast in the dunes. I made crepes for them to take on their journey.  Off they went. Me? clean kitchen, start laundry.

Then I walked the dog and cleaned the dining room. Stinky teenagers slept in.

Then off to the pool with Nathaniel and his friend. TI drills. I've got the hang of left side switch and breathing. I have to say it's much easier with my zoomer fins on.  1000m laps.  Then lunch in the canteen. Patat and "uitsmijter" - (egg sandwich).  

Then it was time for Orchestra (at 4:00).  I put on my bike clothes and rode the boys over to their practice and then I enjoyed a 90 minute easy spin in the city, which meant that I stopped at a lot of stop lights. I got home just as it started to rain. Pulled in laundry, cushions, started dinner.  Nice to have a half hour by myself.

Then the boys got home and I fed them lots of food. Me? Shrimp and sweet potato.  We're watching an old western (Once Upon a Time  In The West).

So, I'm taking my tea over to the couch.  See you tomorrow.

I found this interesting checklist vs why you're not getting results.

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