Thursday, 13 May 2010

W20 Wednesday = learning to drive

Today's workout was supposed to be a tempo run. Monday I couldn't keep my heart rate low enough. Today, I couldn't get it consistently high enough.  I am learning how to run again. I had to really pick up the pace. I ran home from the office and it wasn't til I got home and picked Odie and sprinted a bit that I got my heart rate higher. I ran 40 minutes (4.8 km), including a 5 min w/u and my Av HR was only 111.   I feel like I am learning to find the throttle and the carburetor on a race car.  I feel kind of relaxed about this. I'll figure it out. There's lots and lots of workouts ahead.  While running, I practiced quick turnover.  Plus paying attention to heart rate means I didn't listen to music. Just breath, feet and flesh.
Target heart rate124-134 beats per minute
Run duration40  minutes 
Workout importanceHigh
Workout pointersHigh aerobic run. Time to pick up the tempo. Stay close to upper range of target heart rate.
Food was a little loose today. I get a tiny bit complacent when I see success on the scale, I think.   I need to get some containers. My avo mashed on the dishes and one of the lids leaked. So balsamic vinegar all over everything. Plus I need to eat more.  I was hungry by the time I finished my morning meeting and walked straight into a pastry and coffee.  Then diet coke and chocolate in French class at 7:00PM. The thing is these foods didn't taste as good as fresh food.   The rest of the day was fine: apricot coconut smoothie with protein powder; ostrich and spinach, big salad with peking duck rice pancakes, banana, HB egg.  Milk.  and something for dinner. 

 I'm so excited to be training. The rest of the day went fine. Now I need to eat something, stretch and go to bed. Cycle tomorrow.

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