Monday, 31 May 2010

W18 Sunday

Well, my phone alarm already rang, reminding me to go to bed. And here I am, at the end of a long, very busy day. It started at 7 am with a phone call that woke me up (never a good thing). My husband hurt his back and wasn't able to compete in the regatta today. He is having difficulty walking and isn't quite sure what caused this pinched nerve or something. He's especially bummed because his team withdrew in the hopes of saving what's left of his back for the championships next weekend.

So, today I:

walked the dog

fixed breakfast and lunch for the boys while doing laundry and nagging them to pick up their stuff.

swam +1250 m (62 laps - 40 of them were 3/4 length due to the kiddy section) (TI drills and freestyle swim. I still suck at left side breathing. But I now understand breathing is rolling, not lifting my head). Immediately after changing, rode my bike (after trying to put my tri-suit on backwards)

cycled: 70 minutes. Blinding hailstorm for the last 20 minutes. Thunder, gusting winds. I asked myself, what would Lance do? granted, it wasn't the Alps, but I did zip up my jacket.

got home, dried off, read stories by the fire, then made dinner - new recipe: curried coconut sweet potato chicken soup. It was really delicious. I needed to try something new, and this is now a favorite. The pressure cooker takes all of four minutes to cook (with leftover chicken breast already cooked). Fabulous. Did I mention I liked it?

After dinner I took Odie down to the beach for a 50 minute tempo run. The wind was gusting. Sea foam flying. Gorgeous wild weather.

I got all my workouts in except for one weight lifting session. I dawdled this morning folding laundry and taking care of the house. The gym closes at 14:00 which has routinely foiled my attempts to lift. Besides I was having fun with my kids.

I registered for another half marathon race - in November - the Dunes in my neighborhood. Actually the distance is 25 km, the last four are a bonus!

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