Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Tuesday - body awareness

Tuesday morning started early with a dog walk on the beach (clouds!), then a 90 minute bike ride. I learned to tune into my body and notice my heart rate and my breathing. It was magical.   Then back into the kitchen to eat.  I enjoyed a relaxing afternoon. Then off to the gym to lift with my son. We had fun together until one of the staff asked if I had arrangements to bring my child out on the floor with me.   We had finished our workout by then anyway.  

Here's a link on the kind of heart rate monitor training that I am following with Mark Allen's coaching.  We exchanged emails today, and I'm smitten. I'm not prone to hero worship, but I can make exceptions. His gentle spirit comes shining through his writing.

Food: normal. Yesterday's calorie count and ratios ended up being exactly on target without a lot of advance planning.

Today so far:  pre-workout smoothie (mango, banana & protein powder), gu-gel and sports drink on the ride,  bagel, cream cheese and smoked salmon, asparagus, apricot smoothie (with eggs & coconut) before second workout. Dinner: ostrich steak, seared in olive oil with shallots and tomatoes. Wilted spinach.

Weight is down two lbs since last week. 

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