Monday, 24 May 2010

W18 Monday Long Run

I did my planned long run today - 90 minutes + 10 minutes warm up. I went up through the dunes and then along the beach.  The tide was unusually high, forcing me to run through soft sand or newly-wet sand, which has the foundational characteristics of quick sand.  The North Sea Regatta put scores of sailboats all over the sea.   I needed to walk a lot to stay within the heart rate limit. Speeding up, then slowing down. Odie swam and played with other dogs. It was nearly perfect. As soon as I was back on the brick or roadway I could run easily within the target range.  That restored my confidence a little. I try to remind myself I am recruiting specific changes in my energy system, and that's the point right now. Not to build speed. That comes later.  And I am already seeing improvement in my pace on the bike.

I am enjoying time-based training sessions. I know how long they'll take - something I couldn't predict as easily when going out for a 15 k run.   I have some concern that I am not getting in the distance I need to build back up to 30 km, which is the over-distance Jeff Galloway recommended to me - (I think - I have to go back and look.)  I will put this question to Mark and see what his recommendation is - whether I should walk to increase the distances if my "running" remains at such a slow pace.

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