Saturday, 15 May 2010

Saturday afternoon shopping - eat like food is free

Friday - lifted at the gym on the way home from the office. Was planning to go to swim practice, but decided I'd rather hang with my boys. Will swim this weekend, so no worries.

Will-do's for the weekend:
Sat: 1 hr Run (done), breakfast (done), swim (done), food shop (done). Baking for next weekend's Suzuki workshop (moved to Sunday).
Sun: 2.5 hr bike, breakfast, swim. more food preparation for next week.

And check my list of things I'd like to do around the house. Soak in the tub? Play on the beach? Garden? De-clutter?

French homework. Practice. What else will I really enjoy doing?


  1. LOL :)

    Wow, I know where to come for sports drink then.

    So, to carb or not to carb, that is the question?

  2. my kids drink it for tennis, basketball, swimming, cycling, running, etc. So I figured powder will last longer that a 12-pack of bottles, I hope.


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