Saturday, 29 May 2010

W18 Friday

I think growth happens when I go  outside my comfort zone. I certainly learned a lot swimming in the North Sea this week.  Taking risks, pushing a bit, stretching. I am growing inside and out while training for this lovely prize in September.  I count out the # of Long Runs, tempo Rides, etc. remaining.  I unveiled the remainder of the training program with Mark Allen and "holy crap" I'm going to be One Fit Athena Goddess come September.

I took an easy day of it today so far (it's only 8:45 pm).  My husband's left for the weekend for a sailing competition, so no car = no lake swim tonight. Just as well, I think. I'd rather battle sea water than lake water. Blech!

I strained a muscle in my neck lifting last night. Not sure exactly how I did it, but it hurts to turn my head. It was overcast and cloudy this morning, so I skipped my planned ride. I have time in my schedule for it this weekend, or I'll drop it.   I've caught my breath. My weight's down two  pounds unexpectedly. I don't feel under the gun for each workout. It helped to have Monday and Tuesday off from work, and to have swapped my long workouts away from the weekend.

I hammered through some grungy paperwork at the office today and gave my assistant LOADS of work for him to help me with.  I also  had an important conversation with my husband about our household, and started planning our Home Leave trip to the US in July.  I'm challenging myself to find a bike, water and a gym in every place we visit.

I also figured out how to set up an online grocery account for home delivery. Next I will translate my meal plan into a decent shopping list and have my food delivered for 5 or 6 euro.  I LIKE THIS IDEA!

I also got authorisation from Vibram Five Fingers to return my shoes for a new pair (the strap has unraveled).  Very quick response from customer service. I'm impressed. Unfortunately I can't send them to Italy - I bought them from the States.  Stay tuned.

I'm finding that trying to set up my own business makes me very uncomfortable, and I'm moving through that discomfort and growing.

So, that's my update for this Friday. I'm signing off to take the big pup out for a short spin. He'll like it and I will too!


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