Saturday, 29 May 2010

W18 Thursday motivation

5:47  bizzzzz. vibrating phone alarm knocks the phone off the night table, hitting snooze without my help.

6:01 I think, what's my phone doing on the floor? Where's my alarm? Nex thought, Today is a scheduled moderate ride. Scan self. Sore knuckles and elbows. Need some more sleep. I don't feel like a bike ride this morning.   Snooze a bit. Then Wide awake. Get up. Okay. You can have a second rest day if you want.  Make latte. Yum. Read email, look at forum.  Thinking this is a waste of time - I want to run.  Find photo below & post to today's entry. I am motivated to do better with myself.

7:07 done with latte. Done with morning internet surf.   Still loads of time before having to go to work.  Legs say, let's go for a run. There's plenty of time for and value in a 30-min run.  Dress, gather happy dog & go.  I'm still outward bound after 25 minutes, and loving it.   Total run a perfect 50 minutes. 

9:02 At work, having showered, eaten and commuted.  Fired up for a great day and committed to being the best I can be.

Today's motivation  - Nell Stephenson Ironman Hawaii 2007

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