Tuesday, 18 May 2010

W19 Tuesday

I had a great bike ride before work - a 60 minute tempo workout.  I saw a beautiful pheasant in the woods.  And lots of bird song.  Here's the garmin report.   Compared to last week, I went 2 km further at a lower heart rate over 60 minutes (21 km vs 19 km).

Then an 11-hour day at the office doing paid stuff.

I'm going to bed rather than swimming tonight. I am simply too tired. And I need to honor that.  I'm not even going to stretch.  I'm de-caffeinating myself too.  Only one coffee at work. Decaf this morning, and decaf in the afternoon. and I'm out of regular coffee at home.

At the moment, I have some doubts whether I'm physically up to this. I will keep chugging though. I will figure out a makeup for the swim tonight.

I saw one that looked like this (I didn't take this picture though).


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