Monday, 17 May 2010

W19 Monday

5:47 a.m. alarm. Fumble. Off.
6: 12 a.m. "wake up. it's time to go outside."  Snooze.  Realize the joints in my hands feel inflamed. Brain says, your sister has R.A. You're suffering from inflammation too. Brain says, you forgot fish oil. You don't need to run this morning. You can run tonight.  Snooze 9 minutes x 3 reminders. Then up.

8:20 a.m. phone rings: Older son has wrecked my mountain bike on the way to school in a minor accident - sudden stop swings his bag into the front tire. Unfortunately, the bag contains my tripod, which busts the spokes. He's fine. Everything can be fixed.  He calls me for reassurance and instructions on what to do.

8:00 p.m. I'm at the office, having just finished the last of several unscheduled meetings. I hate meetings called without advance notice.  Brain: it's too late, you've been tired all day. You can get home on the tram.  Then I see that Judy's trained in the pool, and I say Can Do. Can Do Too.  Change clothes. I try to run, bust the heart rate limit. Walk at a fast pace only 30 seconds off my marathon pace - walk all the way home, pick up Odie, finish the 50 minutes.  AV HR 129. This is a weird way to train.

Eat, Post. Time to read to my little guy and go to bed.  Ride tomorrow.

Thank you Judy!

Food: strawberry smoothie, latte; croissant & coffee; HB egg; chicken stew; hamburger, beets, spinach, butter.  Ice cream.

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