Sunday, 16 May 2010

W20 Week in Review

“When people see some things as beautiful,
other things become ugly.
When people see some things as good,
other things become bad.”
~Lao Tzu

By the numbers: 
6 hours on the bike:  62 miles
1.5 hours in the pool
3.5 hours running: 12.5 miles
5 hours weight lifting/core/ stretching work outs

one missed swim workout (tempo). 

All workouts completed as Rx'd, within the prescribed heart rate ranges.  Mental discipline is required to follow instructions.  I'm going to trust the coach and do it the way it's written as best I can.

Week 19 starts tomorrow.

observations: I need more sleep, less coffee. Though coffee is way down! Eating very well will support my training. Why spoil hours of work with less than optimal food.  I have been eating really well.  But Thursday - Saturday felt a little higgedly-piggedly (dis-organised) since I didn't do a second food shopping. But truthfully, I pick well, I am aware of portion size, and I'm tuned into my body. It is says, eat fat, I do. If it says, eat green, I do.  (Post Bike-Swim workout = raisins & liverworst. Not that I recommend mixing them, but that's what looked good to me.)

Work-day Mornings are working very well - I wake easily. I'm enthusiastic to get moving and I get to work clean, happy, on-time, and fed.  Weekend mornings - I hit the snooze button a lot.  I don't give a f*** about going outside my comfort zone at 5: 45 a.m. on a Saturday. I don't care what the alarm is telling me!

Running: felt really nice and relaxed this week. Nothing hurt. I feel the elasticity returning post-marathon (finally).  No body parts on strike. Minor complaints from a toe joint on left foot (only when barefoot).

Evening swims: a little more challenging. They're late at night. And with the change in my rising time, I'm more tired in the evenings.  Q - am I getting something out of group training? (Yes)  Where would they fit in the mornings?   Loading up the weekend with missed workouts is not a particularly good idea (time consuming and tiring).  Swims this week: learned where my head is. Felt what happens when I lift it to see where I am or to breathe.  I practiced rolling to breathe. I learned how to tolerate a lot of water in my nose. I have a pain in my left neck/shoulder area that pinches a nerve. I don't like that.

RestI need some. I felt fatigued during the last 30 minutes of my ride today. Maybe a little dehydrated.  However, I'm looking forward to a dawn run on the beach tomorrow with Odie.

Weights:  Easy to float two lift-days around the week based on work schedule. I did not like being away from home even longer Friday night and that was one motivation for skipping the swim practice. (Beware of the couch!)  Before starting this training plan, I had given notice to the gym that I was quitting, in order to save money. But now I have a plan and I'm interested in using it again. But same old dilemma - I like lifting at home - I need some more equipment. Can I save money this way? I need to hit the weights really well to make up for living in a flat country and training for a hilly race.  hmmm.

Core workouts: I think these stretching/rehab workouts are essential and they make me feel good. They're worth the time - generally 20-30 minutes. Foam roller, exercise ball, mat on the floor. Feels nice to be nice to my body.

Weight:  My weight fluctuates by more than 4 lbs this week. Up and down - due no doubt to water - related to soreness, muscle inflammation and so forth.  I'll track my weight, but I am going to feed my need. That's more important, I think.  And when I'm this busy, counting calories in & out is a pain in the ass - too time consuming.  Little voice in my head says, wimp.

I can do this. So, game on.  I'm playing to win.  

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