Monday, 24 May 2010

W18 planning - the devil is in the details

Putting together week 18, having in mind what I've learned the last two weeks:

Opportunities: Monday and Tuesday are brilliant windows of opportunity - off work Tuesday, Monday holiday.

Weekend: Jeff's away sailing, so I have the kids by myself. Royal 10k on Sunday - kids want to run the 5k. So I will too, since I can't leave my younger son by himself.  To be more available to them on the weekend, I will see whether it works to do my longer Recreation sessions (training!) on Monday and Tuesday.  Tempo run will be the 5k - slow enough to run with my younger son - I think it will take 50 minutes for him to do the 5k - it will be okay if it's shorter than that.

Pool: No more Fri nite RTC.  Replace with a morning swim.  Located a noon-time lap swim too. Try that out Wednesday and see whether it wreaks havoc with work or French class.  Consider swimming Tuesday in the day time and skipping Tuesday night.

I measured how to swim 1500m in the sea - from the pier to the naturist club. I can do that!

Getting to the gym - I need to make an appointment with myself, or else the days float away. This week, I will go Tuesday and Thursday (or Friday).

I don't like swimming two days in a row - probably a little ambitious. If I don't swim today, I'll pop it into Saturday and my sons will be glad to go to the pool, I think.

Sleep - Intention: by 10 every night.
Work hours: leave by 6:30 every night, except Wed French class.
Food: Eat well. Support this effort with good food.
Water: keep the joints lubricated! Water this plant. Thrive!
Coffee: skip it in the mornings. Only ONE at work. And skip the pastries! sugar, bread and caffeine are no substitutes for true nourishment to provide energy.

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