Tuesday, 25 May 2010

W18 Tuesday

What a great day today.  I walked the dog early and checked the surf. Looking good. Ate breakfast and gathered my courage, swam in the North Sea for at least a 1000 m. Wetsuit worked fine. Eventually I realised I wasn't that cold.  Wind was out of the north and picked up the surf quite a bit.

Afterwards I wrote about the swim  in my journal on the beach, which I enjoyed.

Then Lunch and hanging with the kids.  Then a 41 km 2.5 hr cycle into the North wind. Flew on the way back.

Now for stories for the little guy and sleep for me.

One major thought  in the North Sea - apart from don't panic - you're safe - was "if Judy can do it, so can I."  I am the luckiest person on Earth to have such a strong training partner.  I had a lot of vertigo every time I looked at the bottom. So I stopped. Swimming was more like floating while kicking.  I'll get the hang of this. Wow did I have fun.

And I crashed my bike. Not bad. Just couldn't unclip in time and tipped over, since I needed to brake to avoid a car.  Tipping was the better choice, compared to running into the car.  I'm fine. Broke the skin on my knee. But no big deal.


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