Saturday, 4 June 2011

Zandvoort Quarter Triathlon

How did June get here so quickly!  I will race my first Olympic distance triathlon on Sunday, 19 June in Zandvoort.

The course looks pretty interesting to me. I like swimming in the sea much more than swimming in a pool.

 And the bike course is on a motor raceway. With banked turns. Cool.

Reading websites in Dutch is a pain. Sorry, but it is. So I'm collecting bits as I read and translate, in preparation for the race.  Here's the tide table. 

Starting Times

10:30 hoursEighth triathlon Seniors, Masters (40 +) and Trios
Short Run-Bike-Run
11:30 hoursTrio's triathlon and quarter Seniors
Long Run-Bike-Run
13:00 hoursTriathlon Quarter Masters (40 +)

1/4  triathlon: swim 1000 meters, 40 km. cycling and 10 km. run

13.00 uur Start ¼ triathlon masters
13.10 uur Finish 1e zwemmer
13.30 uur Finish laatste zwemmer
14.10 uur Finish 1e fietser
15.00 uur Finish laatste fietser
14.40 uur Finish 1e loper
16.15 uur Finish laatste loper

Transition demo. Ha ha ha ha.

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