Friday, 3 June 2011

3 June First of the Season: Open Water Swim, North Sea

I wish I looked like this in my new wet suit. But I'm a blonde.

Today was simply a perfect day for the beach. Warm air and water temperatures, bright blue skies, and enough windy gusts to make the kite sailors very happy.  I had a fabulous season-opener in the North Sea today.  I splashed around in the waves for a while, getting used to the water temperature and the jelly fish. And the brown-green organic matter that obscures visibility.  My husband and son, also in wet suits, were  out with  boogie boards.  Odie swam after a tennis ball until he was exhausted and quite full of sea water.

After I felt ready, I swam about a kilometer along the shore line, going with the current from the incoming tide. I thought about sharks only occasionally and didn't see any.  I grabbed a fist-full of jellies with most strokes.  I didn't find my  long distance rhythm - more like 4 or 6 strokes, check I'm not swimming to England, 4 or 6 strokes, check I'm not going to be eaten by something I can't see.   Bi-lateral breathing was just fine. The wet suit is supple and  slippery. Simply fantastic.

My major goal for the first half of the year was to get lean enough that this new suit would fit properly. And it does. My next goal is to get lean enough that my new tri-suit fits for the half in July.


  1. Blonde is fine too :o)

    Swimming with jelly fish ... almost swimming with the dolphins. Have you been stung? My youngest son was stung by a jelly fish in South Africa, he was very proud!

    Bi-lateral breathing mastered, that's good. Don't worry, if you do happen to swim to England let us know and we'll help to get you home :-)

  2. I've been stung by jellies in the Atlantic Ocean. Not here though. Here, they're just big slippery water-grapes.

    If I cross, I'll land somewhere near Suffolk, no doubt, looking out for John and Susan of the Swallows & Amazons.


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