Tuesday, 28 June 2011

28 june. Home stretch

This month has proved quite busy, and I wish that I had spent more time visiting other blogs and offering support.

Today, bike commute, 90 minutes circuit weight lifting, and then 30 minutes on the bike trainer. I would have spent longer in the saddle, but microsoft windows oh so helpfully decided to install a service pack that required a re start during the ride. So I was done for. Odie was happy to get out for a walk a little sooner.

I made progress on my desire to train in the morning. I woke at half six and it was already so hot that I couldn't sleep. I sat in the garden with my coffee and watched butterflies, birds and bees. I didn't actually make it to the bike but I was awake.  Baby steps.

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  1. I've been pretty useless in most aspects of blog reading/writing/commenting etc too. But hey... We do it... However little... And it makes it all the more special when we do :-)


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