Friday, 10 June 2011

10 days of juneathon

I looked at my training schedule and noticed I had done all the hard bits already.  Today was a 30 minute recovery run, which I thoroughly enjoyed with Odie, who was on leash and so had to keep up and occasionally got dragged when what he wanted to do was mark yet another spot. I extended the run out by four minutes by doubling back part of the run to be sure I didn't arrive back at my front door with time still owed on the session. I don't particularly like running back and forth in front of the house.

I "borrowed back" my iPod from my older son and ran with a coaching track by Asafa Powell. Reggae. Fun.  Reminded me how much I enjoy having some music with me.  Since he lost his machine, my son has been using mine. Making it slightly unavailable when I want it. But I like to share.

I ditched Odie at home, put some music on for him, hoping to convince him not to howl while I went to the gym and then picked up my younger son at school.  I'm not sure it worked.

I enjoyed a 75 minute thrashing and a delicious visit to the sauna afterwards.  Now I'm feeling the gravitational pull of the couch and wondering whether I'll rally for swim practice tonight.  I'm the Parent-in-Charge tonight, so it may be that those duties require my presence on the couch.

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