Saturday, 18 June 2011

18 ready steady... go!

I've spent the whole day getting ready for tomorrow. Including a short virtual ride on tomorrow's course (an old formula 1 race track) and a short run. (30 min ride, 15 min run)

this is the first olympic distance tri I've attempted. I'm excited about it. The three tri's I've completed before were sprint distances. 

Tomorrow is 1km in the sea, 40 km on the bike followed by a 10k run.

The race director indicated that the lifeguards will make the call whether to swim. The seas are predicted to be 6 to 10 feet with very high winds. So if it's not safe, it will be a run-bike-run. I'd rather swim though! I'm packing both warm clothes (if it rains) and warm-weather clothes (if it's sunny). today it has rained and gusted and thundered. And the sun came out too. Pure Dutch weather.

I'm taking the train north since my H needs the car to get my younger son to a tennis tournament and then sailing in the afternoon. It will be a bit of an adventure. But my start's at 13h, so I have plenty of time. The train is only an hour and drops me a ten minute walk from the course.

I've got my food planned, my kit backed, my bike ready. My garmin programmed. I tried to eat and drink enough today. and now it's time to go to bed.

I put on a new Livestrong wrist band tonight. I related to it in a new way.


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