Sunday, 5 June 2011

5 June - finally a run! a real run!

My Sunday routine seems to be doing last week's gym/running/cycling laundry to prepare for this week. And today is no different. I got the machine running early, cleaned up the kitchen and then went for an hour's lap swim. Since today is cloudy and cool, everyone else was in the pool too.  The density reminded me of a childhood game called hens and chicks. It was my own fault there were no lane markers - I slept through the lap swim session this morning.  I managed.

I still have a long run planned. But first, I need to change the laundry. Odie is confident that I haven't forgotten him.

The real question is VFF, barefoot or shod?  What's it gonna be?  The last time I took the new Vibrams out, the inner seams gave me wicked blisters. Granted, it was my own fault for ignoring the pain as I ran. But my first pair never did such a thing to me.   I will leave you with that burning question and let you know what I have decided after the deed is done.

My last thought to share is that I'm needing to change my self-talk. I have had my training season interrupted with allergies and then bronchitis. I'm still not back to a full training load. So my wicked, negative mind keeps picturing these awful showings at the races coming up. I need to bend my mind into showing me a positive picture, focusing on my very good base fitness level, the training I have put in, and my enjoyment of sport. I'm not "in it to win it," I'm just out there for the pleasure of the day. My goal is to train with enough purpose and intensity that the events I've chosen are within my ability, albeit with a bit of a push.  I want to stop scaring myself when I look at the course time limits.   So I'm picturing positive joy-filled starts and  finishes.

Now, about that laundry.

I know you were much more interested in the run. Well, it's done. With Mizunos. I  decided two weeks away from the Zandvoort tri, I didn't want new blisters.  Hard pack sand; some soft sand. Boy that's hard work. Out into the wind, back on my back. 30 seconds per kilometer difference. 90 minutes, 5 w/u & cool down. 80 minutes 10.9 km. Very nice relaxing pace.   All those nice jellies I met yesterday? Well, they're sunning themselves on the beach today.


  1. you've faulted yourself for a lot of silly things in this short post miss chris. shit happens. sleep is good. blisters are bad. joy-filled self talk lady and take that dog for a run! :)

  2. run done! Me = 11 km. Odie = 15 km.


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