Friday, 17 June 2011

17 June all clear

Well, that was interesting. The biopsy results came back benign. The doctor who called to explain said the spot was some other normal thing with a Latin name he rattled off.  A weight off my shoulders. My summer race schedule restored. Now I've got to get the details for Sunday's race sorted.

It was curious to observe how I deal with uncertainty, how the threat of illness can clarify priorities and make choices clear. Racing is secondary to health, though for me it is one way I support my health.

In some ways, nothing changed but the thoughts I was thinking. I wonder what other thoughts I can change.

Now, to go translate the race instructions.


  1. Good for you! Very happy news.

  2. Thanks. I felt relieved and curious about how my thoughts changed while I was under the diagnosis.

  3. Chris, I've missed your posts recently - great news that all is okay. In the last few weeks two people in our household have had 'checks' done - all okay here too :-)

  4. a little like playing the lottery, those annual check-ups.


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