Tuesday, 25 January 2011

25 Jan. Tuesday

Today was quite busy, and more to go. Thirty minute walk this evening. Forgot that my french class resumed  this evening, so I had to rearrange my training plans.

Enjoyed an hour lap swim.  Made two 25 meter laps completely under water. And had fun with some sprints too. Got nice feedback from my coach and some useful criticism to help me swim more efficiently. 

I like the empty mind of swimming where everything settles and I focus on gliding and stretching, and trying to link one perfect stroke to the next.


  1. So was that 50 meters underwater non stop? Sounds like you're quite a proficient swimmer. I'm starting my swimming in February, I'm going to try and swim very regularly and focus on technique alone. I will start back at classes after Easter. French class, how many classes do you do? Happy Janathoning.

  2. oh, I wish 50 meters. No, it was 25 meters of determination. Catch my breath, and another 25, with the last five of trying not to quit and come up for air too soon (since everyone was watching....).



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