Tuesday, 11 January 2011

11 01 11

Busy day today. A little short on time. Trying a phone post. Todays activity was doing uncomfortable core workouts at the gym.

My trainer suggests not trying to build more muscle with machines. So this qas body weight, dumb bells and cable work, twisting. I didn't like out and felt a bit crabby. Unlike me.

So I'm suspicious about whether I'm coming down with the flu that's put my men folk on the couch. (I am refraining from looking for other causes for said condition - not thinking about football games or sit-coms).

The phone is not allowing me to edit poor word choices by the little key board. So this may be unintentionally funny. More likely, annoying. (I've gone back and edited the gremlins now - so you're left entirely with my errors).

Feeling this way, I'm not swimming tonight. Run planned for tomorrow.

Had a good session with the physio.. Not as painful as last week. Some progress.

Hope to have some time to catch up on all the other blogger entries tomorrow.

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  1. I have those frustrations with little keyboards too. I hope you fight off any viruses. Good that the physio went well. Hope you feel better tomorrow.


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