Saturday, 8 January 2011

8 Jan Oceans of time, but the longest 4 minutes ever.

my training zone
Janathon is a lot of fun, and occasionally I feel like I should be out there running every day, trying to keep up with the big dogs. But I will continue running all year round. How many Janathoners won't lace up until Juneathon or at all?  How many are going to burn out or hurt themselves because they have an external goal (run every day) that is not congruent with their physical animal?

I started running regularly in 2009. I trained for my first ten k (March), first 16k (Sept), first half-marathon (Oct), and finally my first marathon (Apr 2010), I began to focus exclusively on running. I found it so easy to throw on my shoes and go for a run. Lifting at the gym took planning.  The coach I was working with discouraged strength trainining, and though I had been lifting regularly through the summer of 2009, eventually I stopped going to the gym.  I had a lot of issues with my knees and had difficulty running faster paces without pain.   But I was following my coach's instructions.

As I got closer to the marathon I started planning my next race targets.  My first love has always been triathlon. And since moving to Holland  in 2006, I had been wanting to get back into the sport, but ran smack into the language barrier. (In 2004 and 2005, I completed three sprint distances, taking the podium in my age group twice.)  I like big scary goals.  They get me off the couch. So I decided to race a half-ironman distance triathlon in September 2010.   After the marathon, I realised I had lost a lot of strength and power. Plyometric moves were really tough. My new coach got me into the gym lifting twice a week.  I've also added some other routines that I like to improve my core and functional strength and prevent injury.

Today's workouts: circuit strength, plus probably a long ride later today.  I'm planning a 10k race tomorrow. And wall climbing.  How about you? How's your weekend shaping up?

Edited to add: 36.3 km ride 80 min. (15 min setting up the trainer)

circuit strength routine

Prehab 5 min Reps
Hip Abduction- Quadruped 10
Y- Physioball 10
T- Physioball 10
W- Physioball 10
L- Physioball 10
Quadruped Posterior Rocking 10
Hip Adduction- Sidelying 10

Movement Prep 10 min Reps
Hip Crossover- Feet Down 6
Glute Bridge 10
Rotational Fall Out 6
Knee Hug (In Place) 6
Backward Lunge 6
Knee Hug Lunge Elbow to Instep 6
Leg Cradle 6
Dropstep Squat 3
Hand Walk 6
Walking Quadriceps Stretch- Opposite 6
Plyometric 10 min Reps

Circuit: repeat the following movements 2 times.
Off Box Stabilization 6
Box Hop-Lateral 4
Box Hop-Medial 4
Rotational Jump- 90 Degree Countermovement Stabilize 5

Strength 25 min Reps
Circuit: repeat the following movements 3 times.
Romanian Deadlift- Dumbbell 2 Arm/1 Leg 10
Crunch- Reverse Physioball 15

Circuit: repeat the following movements 2 times.
Walking Lunge- Forward Dumbbell 10
Plate Crunch- Physioball 15

Repeat the following movement 2 times.
Russian Twist- on Physioball Holding medicine ball   12

Repeat the following movement 2 times.
Kettle swings   15
Tabata intervals: indoor rower (800 m 00:04:00) (842 m 00:04:00)

Regeneration 5 min Reps
Foam Roll-Quad/Hip Flexor 30
Foam Roll-Hamstrings 30
Reach, Roll, and Lift 8
Rope Stretch- Straight Leg Hamstring 8  

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  1. Am in awe of your accomplishments to date and today, amazing


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