Monday, 3 January 2011

3 January 2010

I'm just loving in the Janathon Blogger community. Such inspiration. Such humor.  If only I can keep up.

Given all the wonderful pet pix on the Janathon blogs, I thought it would be fun to share some updated photos of Odie, who is my "marathon dog".  This is what I got.  Either I need a new camera or a new dog.

I've planned for today weight lifting, yoga and some cross-training - probably skipping rope.  I'll come back and report once I've made up my mind and actually done something besides visit Janathon blogs.  Oh, and it's the last day off work.  Sadly, the kids went back to school today. tee hee.

Okay. I'm back for my report, Part I.

Core Workout
Quadruped Posterior Rocking 10
Hip Abduction- Quadruped 10
Y- Physioball 10
T- Physioball 10
W- Physioball 10
L- Physioball 10
Dead Bug- Legs 10

Hip Crossover- Feet Down 6
Glute Bridge 10
Rotational Fall Out 6
Knee Hug (In Place) 6
Backward Lunge 6
Knee Hug Lunge Elbow to Instep 6
Leg Cradle 6
Lateral Squat 6
Inverted Hamstring Stretch (Backward) 6
Walking Quadriceps Stretch- Same 6

Kettle Swings. 30
Speed rope Tabata. Four minutes.  Woah!

Plyo circuit x2
Squat Jump- Non-Countermovement 5
Box Hop- Linear 5
Miniband Linear Bound- Stabilize 5
Lateral Bound- Miniband Stabilize 5

Strength Circuit:x3 .
Dumbbell Bench Press- Alternating 10
Row- 1 Arm/1 Leg Contralateral Dumbbell 10
Strength Circuit:  2 times.
Kettle  Lift- Linear Half Kneeling (Outside Foot Forward) 10
Kettle Chop- Physioball 10

Push Ups- I couldn't do them on the Physioball, so I did them on the BOSU instead. in sets of 3 until I got to 30. these sucked.

Abs. On the Bosu. "myotatic crunch" - 20.

Foam roll on the back and sides.  Tennis ball massage on my arches.

Then Short Bike Ride: 20 minutes.
Flow Yoga: 30  minutes


  1. Does the foam roll help? I've been thinking of getting one of these as I get tight it band sometimes. Good work on all those exercises, I keep promising myself I'll do more than run, but never quite get round to it... I know I need to! :-)

  2. I love my foam roll. It helped me recover from last year's marathon and triathlons more quickly. I found when I just run, I was getting weaker and having more injuries. So I try to take care of my core, power & flexibility.


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