Tuesday, 4 January 2011

4 Jan 2010 Man down, woman seen running from house

I discovered yet another new muscle at the physio this morning - the sartorius.  The massage work on it felt worse than either childbirth or the time I crushed my fingers between the panels in the garage door.

The sartorius is a very useful muscle for running, cycling and swimming. Which I love. So I took it easy tonight.  Triple tasking, since the husband is down with the flu.  Dog walk + quality time with son who rode his bike + easy run.  Now to food shop, make dinner, and get to the pool by 21:30 for a relaxing hour of swimming laps while trying to impress my coach with my rather poor ever-improving swim technique.  

Edited to add: The pool was deliciously warm, not overly chlorinated, and I experienced moments of speed, glide and actual forward momentum.  I absolutely love the silence of swim. that, and floating. 


  1. I love swimming, but hate smelling of bleach all day! Good luck for your planned swim xx

  2. Well done for getting out there! :-)

  3. Sternocleidomastoid was always my favourite muscle name. Come on everyone... What's yours?

  4. I think that's the name of a dinosaur, not a muscle.


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