Sunday, 9 January 2011

9 Jan

wall climbing today. The first of three planned lessons. I learned about the harness, the equipment, belaying, planning routes. I got to the top of the wall for both my climbs and belayed DH, who was feeling well enough to give it a try, and promptly felt sick again - over did it. my older son stayed home, still feverish unfortunately.

I had planned a long run this afternoon. But that was eclipsed by a two hour nap. Odie snuggled on one side, a cat purred on the other. zonk. My hammies are a little sore from my training yesterday, so i will not force a run this evening. 

we played around on the bouldering wall afterwards. (above) Climbing was quite intense. The more difficult courses I tried today required more body work to maneuver. I definitely enjoyed it - a completely new activity. (I tried climbing in my Vibrams. I liked it).

Also: dog walk


  1. I did a little climbing with some Scout Leaders (I was a Scout Leader, might go back to Scouts this year) before I started running. I realised I needed to get fitter and more flexible, I still need to be more flexible. Thoroughly enjoyed it and plan to start again. I once went up a synthetic ice wall, that was really hard work. What are the Vibrams like? I suggested to my family that I might like to try them but my sons were not happy about it! Climbing is intense - a good workout :-)

  2. That wall looks like great fun!

  3. Brave you with the wall climbing I'd rather run a marathon as suffer badly with vertigo, hope hamstrings allow a run tomorrow

  4. I'm in awe of climbers. How were the Vibrams? Did it mean you could get your toes in all the gaps? Bit like a gecko I guess :)

  5. my sons climb like spiders. the vibrams are very comfortable. the instructor commented that climbing shoes have a stiff sole, but these felt okay. I didn't put my toes in any finger holes though.

  6. When you said your 'hammies' were a little sore, I thought you were talking about hamsters for a minute there! Totally threw me! Must be the mention of cats and dogs. LOL.

    Climbing looked great. I've tried it before but have never had sufficient upper-body strength to get more than about a foot off the ground.

    Best wishes for tomorrow! :-)


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