Wednesday, 12 January 2011

12 Jan sogathon

sore throat this morning. i'm still running from the family crud. so i rowed a gentle enjoyable 30 minutes on the concept 2 erg. i love rowing. no music. no paces. nothing but peace and quiet. and odie lying on the floor next to me. before running, he and i tested my new umbrella. when the umbrella is folded up he thinks it's a dummy to snatch out of my hand. while i find it a bit annoying to play keep away he is quite attentive and stays close. i ran at least 200 meters during the walk. just cause i didn't want to admit to not wanting to run in the dark cold drizzle. but it was true. plus my right knee is feeling a little shaggy. so none of the body parts complained about rowing instead. i came off tri training in september and ran a whole bunch of races and haven't had down time. anyone can run themselves into the ground, it takes courage to recover!

looking forward to the return of good weather.


  1. here here to the return of better weather! I can't wait for spring!

  2. Cant wait for spring that way atleast on early morning runs I return to the house and the sun has come up, its lovely to watch


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