Thursday, 27 January 2011

27 Jan. if it's not one thing, it's another

so, it's not raining today. Clear blue sky all day. Sunny. I went out for a run this evening after supper and nearly froze my nose off. Just enough wind to make it wickedly cold. So I ran 30 rather than 40 minutes, and that was enough. I walked intermittently to keep my heart rate down. That made the temp feel even cooler. Wow.

Also, bike commute today. And sore abs from yesterday. A nice reminder of a fun workout. Hope you're enjoying the dwindling days and nights of Janathon. This has been so much fun!

The other thing that has been rather nice about January is success in losing weight. I'm down nearly five lbs this month, right on schedule. You'll have to come back on 31 Jan. to see the official number for the month!


  1. Feb just won't be the same! I'm looking forward to a rest day, but I think I'll be a bit lost. Glad to hear you've had a great day!

  2. brilliant on losing weight! Bizarrely, I've put it on! Had a panic there for a bit, but have since done measurements and have lost 2 inches all over so have decided I must have more muscles... yay Janathon for muscles!! :-)


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